Is Frankie a Norwegian Forest Cat?

by Susan
(Tampa, Florida)

Frankie sunning

Frankie sunning

My cat, Frankie is the most wonderful pet in the world. For a while, I thought he might be a Maine Coon but after seeing some photos and reading about Norwegian Forest Cats, I think I was wrong. Frankie is now 1 year old and weighs 22 pounds. I got him from a vet when he was 5 weeks old. He is so very playful and sweet. His meow is very odd though. For such a large cat, he has the softest, tiniest meow and very rarely ever speaks. I thought at first he might be deaf but that isn't the case.

He sleeps in very strange positions and loves to be up in high places. He likes to climb around on the top of the cabinets, pot shelves and the fridge. Can anyone look at these photos and tell me if he might be Norwegian Forest? He is quite unique.

My response: Hi Susan, thanks for showing us a picture of Frankie and describing his character. Is Frankie a Norwegian Forest Cat? I used to live with a non-purebred Norwegian Forest Cat (NFC). She was a great climber as NFCs are. Frankie is big and likes high places. He has a small voice. Maine Coons have small voices. NFCs like high places. Purebred cats can only be a purebred cat when their parents and grandparents are all of the same breed and a pedigree cat will have 3 earlier generations registered with a recognized cat registry.

So, without that information (usually written down) we won't know if gorgeous Frankie is a Norwegian Forest Cat. But he does has some characteristics of the NFC. He looks a bit like a NFC, but is probably a mixed breed cat. NFCs have slightly more pointed faces. Nonetheless he is a fine and loving cat with a great character and he is no lesser a cat for not having a history (unless you know of a history).

Thanks for the post and if anyone can add or enlighten then please make a comment by clicking on the link below.

Norwegian Forest Cats (Cats Set IV)


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