Is Hissy a Maine Coon Type?

Is Hissy a Maine Coon Type?

by Tracy Ice
(Corona, CA. USA)

Hissy May May

Hissy May May

This cat moved into my ex husband's backyard/garage about 5yrs or so ago. She never came into the house and was not people friendly. But she stayed because they fed her. When Kelly asked my daughter what should we name her, the cat hissed at them, so Dannelle said "Hissy", and it stuck.

Well, I moved in as a roommate 3.5 yrs ago and took over feeding her. When I would go do laundry in the garage, she would always be rubbing against me wanting to be petted, but as I would walk away she would grab at me.

I never did I try to pick her up because she would hiss and growl. About 2 yrs ago the dog died (he was the reason she mainly did not come in) and she started sneaking in to eat the other cat's food.

At about that same time another feral cat moved in the backyard (he was a little crazy but beautiful). She never really would commit to hanging out in the house. Until one night she found her way to my room and climbed in bed with me and slept all night; but never came back to sleep again.

Getting braver she would come in and jump on my desk while I was working, but she would be right in my way, and as I would reach for my mouse she would attack my hand and make me bleed. We were not making close friends yet.

Then in Jan 09, Kelly gets another big dog (grr) and it chases the feral cats back outside to live. About 2 months later the other feral cat Casper dies. Just as last summer ended and it had been a hot one, Hissy decides to come to the bedroom again, so we brought food and water in for her, and she hasn't left (except to sneak out to go to the bathroom).

She is a lot more friendly but still cautious and will growl, hiss and scratch till you bleed. At night when I am laying down she loves to climb up on to my chest, just below my chin our faces almost touching, and she just purrs so loud.

She loves to be brushed, has bad breath and asthma attacks. Her fur is so thick and waterproof. She has the trademark "M" on her forehead, but she is not very long and has a rather short tail? Let me know what you think please..


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Is Hissy a Maine Coon Type?

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Oct 11, 2010 Sounds like mine
by: Ann

Hissy sounds like my Squeaker. She is pretty loyal to me but hisses and scratches other family memebers.

Apr 12, 2010 From Tracey to Tracy
by: Tracey (UK)

Hi there!

I love Hissy! She seems absolutely full of character, thats a face that says 'now look, don't mess with me!'

I agree with Michael you've been very patient and its paid off, looks like you now have a Hissy friend for life!

I was delighted (in a nice way!) that she's scratched you because this means she has her claws still. So many are declawed these days in America but you're from california right? And its banned there I believe?

With regards Hissy being Maine Coon I think she may be a cross as she has the long fur, pointy ears and the broad muzzle.

I have Ozzie who is a pure bred Maine Coon and the face is similar however his is longer. He is tall and rangey with a VERY busy long tail. He talks and chirrups a lot and loves water. Very often I wake up to find him in the bathroom fast asleep in the wash hand basin.

I always think whatever breed they are they all have their own personalities and depend on us for love and protection which Hissy May May has with you. She's lovely.

Apr 12, 2010 We don't know
by: Michael

Tracy, thanks for visiting and asking.

The first thing that I think is the nice relationship that you gently and patiently built up with Hissy. That deserves praise from people who care about our fellow creatures. You have a nice relationship, a very nice relationship.

As to Hissy being a Maine Coon type..who knows? Tha sounds a bit negative but I think it is a fair answer.

Just judging by appearance she has a face that echos the Maine Coon face for me anyway. As you say she does not have the long rangy body. She is a bit Maine Coonish in appearance so on that basis you could say she is a Maine Coon type.

In a strict sense, though, she is a long haired domestic tabby cat (DLH).

There is no DNA profile of the cat breeds so we don't have anyway of comparing genotype. You can't just judge by appearance (phenotype) as some genuine Maine Coons are not that accurately to type.

The only way to tell is by pedigree (recorded family tree).

There are large numbers of 'Maine Coon mix' cats advertised on the internet. I presume these are one removed from purebred. Hissy could be one of these but I don't think so.

So there we have it. Hissy looks a fine cat. She needed care and you provided it. That is the most important subject matter by far in relation to this cat. Someone else might provide a better answer

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