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Is it bad to give your cat a bath? — 7 Comments

  1. I agree that the cat does not need to be bathed regularly except for some urgent reason. But the opening statement with the words “Yes, it is bad to give your cat a bath,” I think is not a wise thing.
    Because your readers (such as me) usually tend to read the sentence beginning in the first paragraph an article before deciding to read it in its entirety or not.

    It would be much more sensible if the opening sentence like “bad or no to give your cat a bath depends on many factors, such as…….”.

    According to my knowledge, a cat needs to bathe for several reasons, among them:

    Your cat is too dirty (for some reason)
    Cat flea Infestation
    The coat is greasy
    Your cat may have poor hygiene, even with natural grooming.
    You have allergies with cat fur
    Cats have weight problems.

    But regardless of my opinion above, I would like to say that this is a great post and useful for a cat lover, like me.

    And I apologize if you disagree with my opinion.

  2. I have only given light sponge baths (never emersions) when they have some sort of foul odor such as happens when rolling around in dead, flat, decaying frogs. They consider themselves “perfumed”, I’m sure.

  3. Oh, it’s a good time to really feel for any lumps or warm spots on their skin too, and give them a nice massage. I ran into someone who had a Bengal cat yesterday and I think they like water. Most don’t.

  4. I agree that for the most part, it’s unnecessary to bathe otherwise healthy and fairly clean domestic cats. My cats roll in the dirt but I just brush it out or take a damp, warm washcloth to them. For the older, infirm, sick or flea-ridden ones, a nice, warm, gentle bath can not only be necessary, but a bonding experience. Cats who really need a bath do like the feeling after a good cleanse. There’s a proper, stressless way to bathe a cat and blow dry them, and I mean proper. I take my time, make them feel pampered and safe and while they may not like the bath, they let me. The warm washcloth is the most they need once in awhile, like Michael said. Any shampoo should be extremely diluted and sufficiently rinsed. The cat should be kept warm while it dries, no drafts, quiet and calm afterwards, too.

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