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Is it fair on our cats to leave them alone all day? — 1 Comment

  1. Poor Kodi, he is very anxious, very sad.

    At night when we go to bed one of our cats keens a little, seeks out one of many knitted, stuffed ball toys (we call them ‘woolly babies’) and he brings them onto the bed. Then he settles for the night.

    I have wondered if whoever he lived with before he was stray, may have died at home in bed. We always speak softly to him when he does this. He has always done it. It is a definite anxiety.

    Whenever we go out, we leave BBC Radio 4 on burbling away in the kitchen or bedroom. Both seem to like this. The World Service works too.

    Often both are asleep in the same position we left them in, when we get back home. Leaving the radio on also makes it less certain for any potentially, intruding cat haters, that no human is home.

    I do believe that many domesticated companions suffer quite badly when left alone. I include the smaller ones, like rabbits and rodents there too.

    Ferals get acclimatised and attached to their carers too, so I am not surprised by the garden feral being upset by the regular carer going away. I don’t think it is sulking, I think it is anxiety. An insecurity due to a shocking change of routine. No being likes abandonment, even if they understand it is temporary.

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