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Is it illegal to shoot a feral cat in Louisiana? — 10 Comments

  1. Another Kristen Lindsey no great loss to the medical community. Obviously another sick (nasty word)that shouldn’t be allowed near anything living human or animal.

    • Yes, I was pleased, very pleased actually, to see that the law was being enforced nicely. It is a good sign. A pat on the back for Louisiana law enforcement.

  2. It is illegal if you only maim an animal, as he did. All hunters know this. A dead animal is a legal animal.

    It is illegal if you kill animals that are not on your own lands or outside of defined public hunting areas or you were not given the written-permission of the land-owner. Depredation control, invasive-species laws, nuisance animal, and zoonotic disease containment laws supersede all other animal protection laws in every state, every nation, even in the UK. Deny it publicly all you want but you know it is true. Cats are legally shot in rural areas of the UK every day.

    He was illegal on two counts. This doesn’t make shooting cats illegal. He broke laws that would also be a criminal act no matter what species of animal he shot at. IOW: not too bright. IOW: someone claiming this makes shooting all cats illegal is also not too bright.

    • BS. This cat was shot dead (the cat died later of injuries as I understand it). I have established in a prior post. that you cannot shoot a cat dead without that cat feeling pain in which case it is a crime unless one of the rare exceptions apply. It is you who is the ‘nutter’ – a cat hating nutter. And an extremely arrogant one too. God you are so piss awfully arrogant. Disgusting individual.

      • Then I guess you have to take all hunters into court for “animal cruelty” including everyone who issues hunting licenses in every country, and every last stockyard worker for causing “pain” when killing animals for your grocery-store shelves and dinner-plates, including all those animals boiled-alive for your cans of cat-food.

        • The law specifies the animals that can be hunted and feral cats are not in the list – ever. Please take you medicine and lay off the booze and cannabis, Woody.

        • This is an idiot argument for the sake of being an idiot. You are not allowed to shoot animals for meat in most cases unless you have a permit, tag or license. There is no open season on domestic pets. Laws regarding the right to dispose of loose pets or domestic animals are geared to farmers and ranchers so them may dispose of what is usually a dog allowed to run loose chasing or killing livestock. Cats especially feral, stray or colony cats are most likely to retreat rather than attack. The shooter had know knowledge of this cat and therefore even those laws could not apply unless the cat was attached to someone’s neck killing them.

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