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Is it legal to let your cat roam freely? — 3 Comments

  1. Why is it safer to let cats roam freely in England than in America? These are some concerns in America:
    CARS, CAT HATERS, POISONS, DOGS, PREDATORS, GETTING LOST. I’m sure there’s some I’m forgetting.

    I’m just curious about why it’s safer in England.

    • Along with miscreants and danger from cars and loose dogs we do have a significant population of coyotes who will prey on cats. Urban coyotes like little pets including like cats, rabbits and smaller dogs. There is more than one report here of a wee-wha-wha going off in the chops of a coyote who jumped the 8 foot cinderblock fence.
      It is a fact that not all cats are the same. Even S/N some will roam far and wide and others never go but a few yards from the front door.
      No law will ever keep YOU from being murdered the law will only punish the criminal once the deed is done. No cat can be protected by you once it’s out of your yard or home. The law will only step in once you have a dead or injured pet.
      Mentally healthy people are proactive and don’t need a law telling them not to let their cat roam freely.

    • Sandy I don’t think it it that much safer in England. It is just that Brits have an outdated attitude in my view. It is just the culture. I don’t agree with it.

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