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Is it legal to own a rusty-spotted cat? — 15 Comments

    • You can totally forget about importing a rusty-spotted cat as a pet into Australia! The Australian authorities pretty well hate cats! I can remember a colleague of mine trying to set up a breeding programme of F1 Savannah cats in Australia and lesser filial Savannah cats. He is a very competent person but he failed to convince the Australian government to allow it to happen. I don’t even need to look up the law in Australia to know that you will not be allowed to have a pet rusty-spotted cat. In any case, you know my feelings about having wild cats as pets. It just is not a good idea for so many reasons.

  1. What makes owning a wild animal immoral or unethical. Your extreme ethnocentric and naturalism is not the same as ethics or morals.

    • I don’t believe that I am extreme. I am in line with PETA for example. I don’t consider them extreme. My argument is this. Humankind is in charge of the planet and doing a very bad job of it. We are in charge of everything on the planet and we live on this planet with millions of wild species. What we do affects them. I argue they have a right to be on this planet and I also argue that humans have a duty to ensure that other animals can express their natural motivations and desires wherever possible just like people. And if we possess wild animals and keep them in cages or confined to the home or a small enclosure, we remove the most important aspect of their life, one which provides them with the most enjoyment: freedom.

      Freedom to roam over a very large areas because wild cats even the small wild cats have home ranges between 10-30 km². The snow leopard can have a range up to 1000 km². If you own a small wild cat like a rusty-spotted cat you must keep them confined and they’re going to be less than content and they will want to escape. You will find that many small wild cats do very badly in zoos. Some don’t breed well or at all and some become ill quite quickly.

      So, owning wild cat species is bad for the species. And people own them for their entertainment. The reason for owning them is a weak one but the downside for the animal is very, very big. For these reasons I say it is unethical. That’s my reasoning or at least part of it. I’m surprised you don’t get it.

      • “I am in line with PETA for example.”

        Oof, you are miss informed. Peta is not who you want to be in line with. Peta is more likely to euthanize animals then let them be “free”. To talk about “man doing a bad job.” while supporting peta?

        How can you support a evil organization like them?
        I’m frankly shocked…

        • You are wrong in my opinion. I know that PETA gets a lot of bad press from people like you. But their basic approach to the relationship between humans and animals is correct. They are correct in criticising the general attitude that humankind has towards animals. That is the important point. There’s far too much animal abuse and this originates in the attitude of humans towards animals generally. Of course, there are many millions of excellent cat and dog caregivers but overall, there is too much abuse and I’m talking about the entire world and not just places where there is a more refined attitude towards animal welfare.

          Does PETA kill thousands of animals annually and if so, why?

          I know that there are stories that PETA believe that feral cats should be euthanised because they live miserable lives. I believe that this story has been exaggerated actually. And I don’t think it holds true across the board at PETA. If you dig around you will see that there is a more subtle and refined attitude towards feral cats than you might think. Be careful about reading about this organisation on the Internet. You can get quite a lot of misinformation.

          Inside PETA’s kill room (Winograd v. PETA)

          I know all the stories about this organisation. I am not misinformed. In my statement on this page, I’m referring to their general attitude towards how people of the world relate to cats. And I’m referring mainly to the headline on their website. And PETA has many followers and they are a massive charity. They do a lot of great work in protecting animals both wild and domestic. The director of PETA in India is for the saving of the lives of feral cats for instance.

          PETA India has a different policy for feral cats compared to PETA America.

          And I know that they have a kill room at the headquarters of PETA or that is what they say. I have a page on that. The problem perhaps for you, with PETA, is that it is a radical organisation who to some people acts in an extreme manner. But PETA believe that they must act in an extreme manner to make their point, to make their mark. And they are successful in exposing animal abuse across the world.

          I am not misinformed. I know the negatives and the positives of PETA and I can’t go over them here because this is a short comment.

    • You’ll need a license and all that entails. I’m pretty sure that owning a rusty-spotted won’t be a success unless you are a rare person with the time, facilities, temperament and money to make it work. Take care. Don’t forget that no matter how cute this little wild cat looks, it is still wild and ferocious when needs be.

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