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Is It Legal to Shoot Feral Cats in Minnesota? — 10 Comments

  1. 100% of mine, I haven’t had one that didn’t die instantly. Again, owners are responsible for keeping pets on their own property.

  2. This is a pretty dumb post. Shooting a cat does not cause it pain. If it’s a good shot, it dies instantly. I raise livestock, and feral cats can carry diseases. It’s the owner’s responsibility to keep their pets on their own property.

    • For reasons I don’t understand when i express my dislike of dogs people get offended. Some of the neighbors over the years are convinced i have done in their free range mutt. That has never been my forte. And yet if you say you hate cats there is little uproar and for many the jokes about getting rid of a cat are fodder for laughter.
      You see the disparity in tv shows, movies. I’ve seen it on the news you see it in many shelters and I’ve heard it from friends and relatives over the years many who had cats.
      I don’t belittle someone because they have a dog or a pack but I’ve been snickered at for my 4 cats.
      My solution to not liking dogs is to not have them and when someone’s mutt becomes an intrusion in my life either by roaming or barking I go for the owner not the animal as in you can have dogs I don’t care but I don’t want them over here and I’m not going to listen to them yammer day and night unattended either.
      As I’ve said I can’t recall the last time our county shelter had a cat for adoption and perhaps it should be looked into why since there are a plethora of stray and feral cats.
      Strays and ferals clean up the rodent population. However few can survive without some intervention or live a life that is not constant struggle if they don’t.

  3. The same issue with shooting a feral cat applies to a decision to shoot a feral dog because really it’s a domestic pet left to roam that is annoying you, your other pets or doing property damage.
    The correct answer is to use live traps send them to AC and let them sort it out.
    This method will likely mean euthanasia for feral cats however most decent humans aren’t out there abusing stray animals. The laws need to be cleared up in most states and jurisdictions to prohibit cruelty to cats.
    Of course nothing stops the sick twisted mind of true cat haters which is another reason to stop letting your cat roam.

    • Agreed. I was surprised that the lady at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources could not provide me with an instant answer or at least look it up very quickly. Also, I don’t believe the legislation has been delegated downwards to city and county level. I think she was simply passing the buck.

      • Our county ordinance calls dogs and cats domestic pets therefore by de facto all cats fall under pet category and the ordinances should cover both species. While there is no specific law regarding cats and the leash laws dogs are specifically called a menace to public health and safety when let to roam astray. In my mind it wouldn’t be a stretch to reach over and include cats in the leash laws. Of course that would cause the county to have to address the way it now treats cats which is little better than vermin. I can’t recall the last time our shelter had a cat up for adoption although they are running loose everywhere.
        Honestly Micheal no one really wants to address the cat issue because of the cost to taxpayers and their own lack of resources and sorry to say bias against cats in general.

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