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Is It Legal to Trap to Kill Feral Cats in Wisconsin? — 11 Comments

  1. From the way Sam talks in his videos he sets out to trap feral cats. That it isn’t a trap set out to trap another animal and a feral accidentally wanders into it. His intent is to catch and kill ferals because he thinks they’re a danger to wildlife. The sheriff has already visited him, according to his posts, and say he isn’t breaking any laws.

    • I agree with you about Sam’s intentions and the Sheriff is wrong! He just does not care enough to consider the law accurately in my view. I wish he’d come to the page and comment!

      • The difficulty arises because the feral cats don’t belong to someone. Mr. Nutsack is telling people how to kill feral cats in fact bragging about it. There is no way to know if he is killing pet cats. And most important we have no reliable source for exactly what the sheriff told him. He’s walking a fine line and he’s going to kill the wrong cat or small dog with his crap traps.

        • Yes, ME. These people do kill domestic cats sometimes. But the owner just thinks her/his cat has disappeared and law enforcement are disinterested.

            • Here’s how much he’s on “law enforcements (sic) radar.”


              “Officers also checked the Waushara County area and found no evidence of feral cats being killed anywhere, Nett said, noting Woods has not committed any crime.

              “I think it’s a classic case of the internet and everybody taking information and running with it,” Nett said.”

              You and all your friends (and now this site that you posted this on), on the other hand, are clearly on law-enforcement’s radar — a whole faction of people to never be taken seriously ever again. Your online petitions will be the source of a good laugh and more to file in the landfill.

              • I don’t know what your comment is meant to achieve. It says nothing. It says nothing more than that which I have already mentioned in the article. We know that law enforcement are disinterested in enforcing the law against people like Mr Sam Wood who likes to trap cats with the intention of trapping them.

                My article was written from basic facts. Nothing was taken from the Internet by way of gossip other than what Mr Wood has stated on his Facebook page.

                As to being on law enforcement’s radar, I quite like that. And to say that were not taken seriously is ridiculous. If we were not taken seriously you wouldn’t have found the time to make a comment in a rather hollow and desperate attempt to undermine what we are stating.

                I see more and more desperation from people like yourself who support cruelty against animals including feral cats.

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