Is it morally wrong to present fake cat abuse in a video?

Fake cat abuse. Is it okay?

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A CNN video discusses a video of many cats skydiving. The cats appear to be free-falling thousands of feet and were part of an advertisement. Understandably there were thousands of complaints and much criticism.

The strong reaction was because the cat ‘green screen’ video looked totally believable to many viewers. The video makers used people to sky dive and replaced them with cats using green screen computer generated graphics (CGI) technology.

Some commenters on YouTube believe that the CNN video discussing the cat video is fake news! It gets complicated. But they are joking. I think they are following Trumps lead in criticising CNN for creating fake news.

There is criticism of the viewers who believed that the cats were genuinely falling because they say it is obvious that the cats are not. I don’t believe that it is that obvious. Let’s not forget that there is a lot of cat abuse on YouTube videos of varying degrees of severity, usually mild abuse. Therefore it would not surprise me to see cats sky diving for real.

The only criticism one can level at the video of the sky diving cats is that it may encourage others to try it out or something similar. There is a meme culture on YouTube. When something generates traction (becomes popular) it can lead to memes (repeats of the same sort of thing in a cult movement). If that involved cats it would be cat abuse.

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