Is it okay to do taxidermy on your cat?

Someone asked whether it is a good idea to stuff your cat on her/his death. This is a personal issue and it is very rare for the simple reason that it is not a good idea in truth.

Plush toy clones of deceased pets – a better idea?

In the USA, my assessment is that there is nothing legally wrong although a quick check of the local law might be prudent, just in case. Aesthetically speaking, it is a bit macabre or ghoulish in my view and it may stop you grieving properly.

I feel sure that nearly everyone would disagree with it but some people do it, I am sure. If you asked 100 people the question, “Is it okay to do taxidermy on your cat?”, probably 90 would say it is not a good idea.

On that assessment, in answer to the question in the title, it is not okay because it will not serve your purpose which I presume is to allow your beloved cat to ‘live on’.

I don’t think it is morally wrong either. However, I don’t think it will work out because your cat won’t look or feel like your cat anymore. In fact she/he will look pretty horrible especially several years later when ‘it’ has suffered some knocks and bits have fallen off. How can that be a good thing? To have a horrible looking reminder of your beautiful cat staring at you daily from the mantlepiece.

Also to display your stuffed, deceased cat is a reminder of trophy hunted animals. You know what I mean, the heads of antelope and horned animals on walls. That is not a good look in the 21st century.

And I don’t think it will help you emotionally. In fact, in may upset you to see your cat ‘live on’ but dead. You can see that I disagree with it but, as mentioned, this is a personal matter.

If you want your cat to ‘live on’ in the mind and memory and would like some tangible object near you I’d have her cremated and keep the ashes in a nice urn and keep the urn in your home where you can be with her/him. That is more emotionally supportive I would suggest.

P.S. A business in the US, Cuddle Clones, makes plush toy clones of your deceased companion animal. That might be a better idea too.


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