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Is it okay to give a cat ice cream? — 1 Comment

  1. I’ve actually been guilty of letting my cats have a few licks of ice cream, but only a few. They get from the start that it’s cold, but they could easily eat too much, causing unforseen pain via the throat or in their teeth. Remember cats’ teeth are usually not in good shape and could easily suffer greatly from something that cold, despite that they like the taste. Recall your own experiences with tooth aches and sensitivity and you would never do that to another living thing on purpose. Also, regular ice cream has lactose too, which grown cats cannot digest and causes them to suffer gas. I sometimes give my cats a little lactose-free 2% fat milk, which they love, but again not much. It’s an occasional treat, not to spoil their dinner either. The thing with causing cats to suffer to get internet hits is one of the worst things about it and us.

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