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Is it possible to bond with a lion or tiger the same way as a domesticated cat? — 6 Comments

  1. Well, despite the feverish insistence to protect both humans and big cats from the thought of living in harmony, the exceptions like Kevin Richardson should be respected and admired if only for the purpose of his effort to help them, but also to live vicariously though him. Why not? Most of us have the desire, whether we admit it or not, to be politically correct or whatever, and I say it doesn’t hurt to be honest about it, with the caveat that most of us just can’t or shouldn’t for whatever reasons.

    • I forgot to say that I agree with Michael. I don’t disagree with him on this or anything that I can recall. I simply have a lot of respect for those like Mr. Richardson who are excellent wild animal handlers and activists, and he deserved at least a name mention on this topic if his picture was being used. He’s probably the world’s best and the leader in lion conservation.

  2. No. Even experienced rescuers/handlers who raise a big cat from a cub and bond, will release them back to the wild or to a reservation when the time comes, knowing that they can’t ever be tamed.

    • Most of them can’t be released. The few successes and the epic fails ( owner eaten ) make the news but the majority linger in pens and cages for life.
      Non-native wildlife bought legally has zero chance of a decent life in the hands of a private owner.
      This is a 2018 listing where the insanity of keeping exotic pets is still legal. Mind you even with permits inspections are few and far between if ever past the initial inspection.

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