Is It True That Cats Can See Ghosts?

The question presupposes that ghosts exist. You have to get over that hurdle before you can contemplate answering the question in the title. But let’s for the sake of argument agree that ghosts do exist. Could domestic cats see them when we can’t?

There is nothing in the anatomy of a domestic cat compared to ours which informs me that the domestic cat is more able to see ghosts than humans. Therefore, if ghosts can be seen by cats they can also be seen by people. I do not believe that the domestic cat has an advantage over humans in this regard.

To return briefly to the question as to whether ghosts exist or not. To the best of my knowledge, as at the date of this post, there is no scientific evidence which supports the existence of ghosts. That is not to say that they don’t exist. A lot of people claim that they have seen ghosts. This is anecdotal evidence and you can believe it or not. It is up to you.

There’s nothing more to say in all honesty. This is because the question is badly formulated. It also presupposes that cats have some sort of special anatomical ability to see things that humans can’t see. This is not true. Domestic cats can see better than us in the dark. This is a well-known fact. Although they are partially colorblind. But both these facts have no bearing on whether domestic cats can see ghosts or not unless you argue that because ghosts are very faint and dark the cat is more likely to see them. I don’t buy that argument. Ghosts are not so faint that humans can’t see them (if they exist).

If you believe in ghosts it seems that they are sometimes invisible but that they make noises or move furniture around. Once, again, in my opinion, there is no difference between cats and humans in respect of their ability to pick up these signals.

There is one other aspect to this question. It does not concern seeing things. It concerns the domestic cats alleged ability to pick up signals and signs that humans are incapable of tuning in to. An example is that domestic cats can predict when an earthquake is about the strike. There’s nothing concrete which supports this skill but if it does exist I don’t think it supports the idea that cats can see ghosts and we can’t.

I’m sure that to many people I am being too scientific and not intuitive enough. I’m convinced that there will be many people who believe that domestic cats can see ghosts because of their intuitive abilities. I welcome alternative views. There is no science on this so it is down to points of view and perhaps some anecdotal evidence.

There are some quite amusing webpages on this subject. The fact that they are amusing supports the idea that cats can’t see ghosts. Cats do sometimes look at things intently that we can’t see but that does not mean that your cat is looking at a ghost. It means that he or she can see something that we can’t and it is quite likely to be an insect.

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4 thoughts on “Is It True That Cats Can See Ghosts?”

  1. Hi, n yes I have a comment! I disagree with you 100%! I didn’t know for sure if ghost really did or do exist but I felt there must be something to it with all the movies n witnesses in real life experiences ppl have dealt with them, for one reason or another! Who was I to say different? Just because I personally hadn’t seen one Didn’t mean they couldn’t exist! I just hadn’t seen one before….now!
    Yes I have seen them, hear one that knocks LOUDLY on my walls as I will go around the room and knock on one wall 1,2,3, maybe more or less, as it makes itself around the room, going from one wall to the next,! Sometimes out side sometimes inside or a combination of both, but I’ve usually Always ignore it, or if I’m not having a good day, I’ve taken my cane in anger and “knocked back”, banging it against wall, my refrigerator or a cupboard etc and sometimes said loudly”Knock it off”! AND it usually does! This goes on Once a day, usually! Most of the time if my cats are in here with me when it happens, yes they of course look in the direction of the Knock! But in addition, several minutes or even longer, there won’t be any noises & they will turn their head fast and look at the general direction of where it is, still. I have NoT seen it, but I know beyond any doubt, it is there! A lady that used to live here, died here!
    And there’s much more, I’ve seen many other ghosts it Entities since being here, to a fault! It gets exhausting and they show up in my pictures all the time and I even have a few videos I took of them n my cat trying to play with it! I noticed them then I had to take a look!

    I’ll give u a tip. They aren’t very visible to the naked eye, but look thru your phone’s camera, 24/7, most especially ay night, & during the daytime if your curtains are closed! I’ve just signed my phone straight out then side to side taking random pictures! And I be seen things & have pictures of them that frankly creep me out! Plus the cat’s all aren’t to crazy about them either! I have now 3 neutered male cats, ironically one is solid black, one Tuxedo black and white, and one white with varying shades of brown tabby markings!
    So these manifested kinda gradually at first after moving into my own place here, finally. Never saw nor heard anything ever before in my life! So believe me when I say this”Yes! Ghost DO exist! And Cats CAN SEE them! Yes, I do have proof!” It’s true what they say, a picture tells the truth. I’ve even felt them, which I hate! I’m always, daily calling on Jesus Christ to be with me, protect us and I keep a Poker face so they don’t know how I feel! I don’t lie n would never make Any of this up! The truth is hard enough to swallow and I hate fake pictures and need you always hear about! I will not go there, ever! I know there is a life after we leave this world! No doubt in my mind! I have God the father, Jesus Christ and the Ghost and my Guardian angel watching over us so I always feel safe! We ask them to put a circle of protection around us(my boys too) and with faith and love we are Ok!
    (More or less!)

    And for the real news w/o censorship or B’s, Do yourself a favor and tune into Coast to Coast AM, nation N several countries wide 365 days a yr, with George Norry 10 PM to 2AM. with s few guest hosts on the weekends. Very informative, interesting, Educational and Enlightening on a wide variety of subjects and experts and the high level of intelligent guests with credits and very credible. On the website it’ll give you the station (,s) in your area, in Seattle it’s also broadcast on FM! George keeps it G rated so even kids as young 11 or 12 tune in up to sell I’ve heard some in their 90’s!! Alot I’m my age range of 45 to 75!! Happy Listening!
    Don’t Knock it till u try it? (not referring to that ghost either!)
    Most Sincerely,
    Diane Curl

  2. Some people believe their cat comes back to visit them after the cat dies. They give examples that they feel the ghost cat rub up against their leg or have felt the ghost cat jump on the bed and when they wake up there is an indent in the bed. Also no scientific evidence. I think if it comforts people to believe it it is a good thing. But if my cat can see ghosts and it was somehow proven to be true I would not take comfort in that!!

  3. Cats do seem to possess abilities that are mysterious. Some cats can smell when death is approaching, and will stay nearby, until it happens. Some cats have warned people of natural disasters. Most cats have moments of “staring” at something that we can’t see. I don’t know if much research has been done on this.


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