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Is it true that cats can’t taste sweetness? — 3 Comments

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  2. It’s rather ironic that cats can’t taste sweetness, yet they can taste saltiness. My late tortie, Sadie, used to love green olives. When she either saw or smelled when I opened a jar of green olives, her entire body would vibrate with excitement. She wouldn’t leave me alone without a taste. She’d nibble on a tiny piece of pimento and a couple nibbles of green olive (barely noticeable), take a lick or two of the brine and she was satisfied.
    Unlike most cats, she really didn’t care for dry food.

    My current two love dry food, which is why they’re on strict diets to lose weight, with very little dry. Neither are fans of sweet anything, nor do they like citrus anything. That’s how I’ve taught cats not to jump on counters – put a little citrus around that and trash cans. Voila!

    • My cat has learned to love dry cat food too which I find disconcerting. I give him Hills Oral which he loves. He prefers it over the highest quality wet cat food that I can buy him and which is more expensive than human food. There is something in dry cat food which is addictive probably the taste that they add to it. They may even be addicted to the sugars in it but they can’t taste them.

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