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Is it Worth Having Pet Health Insurance? — 8 Comments

  1. We paid for all of our precious little girls expenses out of pocket. Right down to a personal loan and would have went further if there had been a chance to save her.
    We now carry a basic policy on our other two cats that would make our out of pocket payable upfront though care credit until a reimbursement came back.
    We made a point to pay off the care credit specials avoiding any interest. Our policy for the two cats is 24 and some change.

  2. Health insurance for the human owner and the pet cat is mandatory as sicknesses or sudden hospitalizations can never ever be predicted for humans as well as pets. Treat your pert as a extended member of your family.In the 21st century health care expenses and bad business decisions could lead to bankruptcy or in the case of a sick pet the abandonment of the pet due to expensive medical treatment. Insurance hedges your financial risks towards the maintenance and upkeep of your pet.

  3. Yes, I have pet insurance for my three cats. Yes, it’s expensive but providing medical care for your pet is more expensive. It’s not a question of whether they will need it but when. I would hate to have to make a decision to put down a pet because I couldn’t afford the care. I had one cat that was diagnosed with small cell lymphoma. Her vet visits and medicines were over $400/month. My coverage paid 90%. She lived a wonderful two years after diagnosis.

  4. “…..pet owners with mostly healthy dogs or cats will not receive back in reimbursements for what they pay in premiums. However, pet owners with dogs or cats that have major illnesses or chronic diseases that result in large or frequent claims are more likely to benefit from pet insurance.””

    That just about sums up my feelings on the subject. In your family’s case, Jo, the benefits outweigh the possible negatives.

  5. I checked in to pet insurance for my dogs. It was VERY expensive and when you have eight dogs it is just about out of reach for us. But I do think it is great idea to have it if you don’t have so many to pay for. All of my pets have thier vet needs, but the isn. would be a very heavy price.

  6. The good point that you make is that insurance more or less takes out of the equation the cost of veterinary care which allows the caretaker to make a better decision based on health unqualified by money considerations. I like that. It is important. Thanks Jo.

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