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Is it wrong to kill animals for their fur? (essay) — 8 Comments

  1. The author states ” … for the sake of survival to harvest animals for their fur…” in reference to the ancient need to kill animals. The point that has been missed is that ancient people harvested ALL of the animal, not just the pelt. Nothing was left as waste. Today, the fur industry leaves everything but the pelt for waste. That is what is wrong.

    To kill for self defense or food is the only reason killing is acceptable. Regardless of how cold and cruel it is, something must die to sustain another’s life. That’s the way it is. With that in mind, as long as the animal’s meat is used to feed people or other animals (cats and dogs for instance) then the selling of the pelt is not wrong.

    I’ve read many articles berating trophy hunters of big game. Most countries require the meat from the hunt to be donated to the local people for food. You never hear about that because it doesn’t fit the anti hunting agenda.

    So… as long as death is quick and the meat is used, the fur trade could continue. We need to get politicians to agree and fight for animals humane treatment, even if they are only food animals.

  2. What should we do with the furs of all those animals that you pay others to kill for you so you can put them in cans and bags and boxes with a “Cat Food” label on it for you?

    It’s considered a crime in almost all cultures on earth that if any animal must be killed for any use, then ALL of that animal must be used. Failure to do this falls under “Wanton Waste” laws in all hunting laws. For a hunter to waste an animal’s body they can be fined thousands of dollars, have all their hunting-gear confiscated, denied any future hunting licenses, and even have their vehicles taken from them. This is a serious crime against nature (and in the end, even against ourselves). This belief is reflected in all native cultures across the planet. (Except of course the ones that came from the UK who invaded N. America and never see a problem with wasting any others animals’ lives for their own beliefs and values.)

    Keep on trying to stop the killing of animals and you’ll end up with millions of cats starving to death or going permanently blind in your own homes. You people really need to learn how to think things through more clearly. It’s not just about cats.

    • You have avoided dealing with an important aspect of this argument. Killing animal fur is killing an animal to make someone look better. It is no different to using animals for research for cosmetics. If animals are killed under regulated conditions for food then that is obviously quite different. It’s about the ethics and morality of the situation.

      There is also the issue as to how these animals are killed in China primarily. They are killed in the most brutal manner. Not even you could condone that. I defy you to condone the way these animals are killed in China.

  3. Growing up I was dragged to church every Sunday. There was a woman who always sat in front of us wearing her huge assortment of furs. Many of them included the heads which I found especially repulsive. I have went from fanatical vegetarian to meat eater and now fall somewhere in between we are very moderate meat eaters. I would never wear fur but have no major issues with leather and products from animals raised for food. What I have noticed is there are now designers, I love purses, who only put out lines made of high quality fake leather.
    Killing wild animals or worse farming them for fur is something of the past. And I agree with one of the posters here. I looked at fake fur coat that was so realistic I was afraid I’d get red paint hurled at me.

  4. I do NOT believe that we need to wear fur! Or to display the hide of any creature. There are too many species now extinct and many more species on the endangered lists or critically endangered because of the human desire to kill or look SO good wearing fur. It took millions of years to have the many species of animal, plant and mineral life to get to this era. We should revere the beautiful and wonderful nature we have been blessed with. The human species is NOT the be all and end all of everything. If truth be told, the human species is the Saddest of all creatures, as it does not consider what it is doing to the beautiful world we have at this moment in time.

  5. I am deeply against using animals for their fur or skins. How would you like one of your relatives or you, yourself to be skinned? However I am seeing it more again at (no less) worn at cultural events and on cold weather on the streets of New York. There was a time when I was afraid to wear an acrylic coat that looked like fur for fear of being accosted no matter how warm it was. I’m not sure that wasn’t better times except for the fear.

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