Is Jerico a Maine Coon Cat?

by Nancy
(Orting, Wa.)

Jerico - Is Jerico a Maine Coon cat?

Jerico - Is Jerico a Maine Coon cat?

Six years ago my daughter took me to a friends house because they had three litters of kittens on the same day and needed to find homes for them..all I knew was that they were barn cats (good mousers). There were at least 16 little kittens running around and I grabbed the 2 fluffiest that I could find. They were so they seem bigger than normal cats but not huge. Magdelena (not pictured) has white and tortie fur. The white is soft and silky and the tortie is fluffy and more course.

They are different than any cats we have ever had.. They have no interest in people food, they follow me around, love to be outside and catch mice and birds and eat bugs. Jerico sleeps in the dog house and lays with and loves our black Labrador. They are best buddies. He even sleeps on his back with the dog. I think he thinks he's a dog.

He is a little skittish. Maggie brings home little super balls she finds around the neighborhood. One year, I found 4 of them around the house. She carries them in her mouth and drops them down the stairs so she can chase them over and over...

..More character than i have ever seen in a cat.. They are my babies..


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Sep 15, 2009 very hansome!
by: Anonymous

Your cat is very hansome!

Jul 12, 2009 Interesting
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

I found your article interesting as Jerico is almost like the original Maine Coon cats that developed out of barn cats in the 1700s in America. It is like looking at a piece of history. He behaves like the original Maine Coons would have behaved, I imagine. See Maine Coon History.

Jerico is probably a Maine Coon mix and he looks like a Maine Coon cat. Also Jerico is very handsome indeed. Thanks a lot for sharing.

I didn't know where Oting was so maybe others have the same problem so here is a map:

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Is Jerico a Maine Coon Cat? — 2 Comments

  1. do your cats make a chattering noise when they see bird?most maine coons do.the carrying of small objects like balls is also a typical maine coon trait.

    • Hi, all cats have the potential to make that chattering noise when they see a bird outside. It is a cat practicing the nape bite that severs the spinal cord and kills the bird. The cat wants to get out there and hunt.

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