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Is L-lysine good for herpes virus in cats? — 12 Comments

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  2. For the first 10 or so years of my 19-year-old kitty’s life, he had sores on his mouth on a regular basis that were caused by the herpes virus. I started giving him L-lysine on a daily basis at the recommendation of an eye specialist after he developed plaque on his eye, also a result of the herpes virus. He hasn’t had mouth sores or plaque on his eyes since. He still gets the “kitty colds” that occur if he goes through something stressful (a trip to the vet will do it), but I just increase the dosage of L-lysine and it goes away in about a week. I wouldn’t dream of not giving it to him at this point.

    • Great comment Steph F and many thanks. It does not surprise me that the ‘evidence’ of real cat owners differs to that of scientists in studies.

  3. I use the lysine powder (human form bought through Amazon), and I definitely notice the difference. I have a larger number of cats (think sanctuary), with 4 of them being FIV+. The FIV+ cats seem to get less colds or URIs when they are on it. I dilute it into their drinking fountain water as it has no taste or smell. Tried it myself first to make sure. The Lysine treats did nothing, they were junk as far as I’m concerned.

    • Many thanks Nikki. Nice information. Useful. It does not surprise me that people who know cats and who use L-lysine find it a useful treatment.

  4. I absolutely swear by the stuff. I sprinkle it (plus a probiotic ) on the kitties wet food. I have seen improvement in overall health plus a decrease in sniffles.

  5. Yes we use l-lysine powder which was recomended to us by several vets 20 years ago . A recent group of kittens diagnosed with Herpes was put on antiviral drugs and l-lysine 2 weeks ago.

  6. I have some and have some and have used l-lysine in the past for uri’s, but I’m not really a fan. Have not seen any significant improvement with its use.

  7. We use l-lysine for skin conditions. A few of our cats get what the vet nicknamed “the crusties” and the l-lysine helps a lot. Where the cats used to need 4 allergy shots a year for them they only need 2 now. As far as URI’s go it hasn’t seemed to help but since we’ve started feeding grain free food the URI’s have all but ceased.

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