Is Millie the perfect domestic cat?

Is Millie the pefect domestic cat?
Is Millie the pefect domestic cat?
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She is everything a person could wish for in a domestic cat companion. Just everything. Instant friendliness and she was a stray so could easily have been cautious and held back. She is very tolerant to change. She is adaptable to circumstances. She is courageous in following when her human guardian walks. She is smart; look at the way she descends the tree. She is loyal; waiting for them when they drove back for her and instantly remembering them. She is loving and adores close contact. She is a lap cat. She is patient when needs be. She sits quietly on the vehicle’s dashboard when travelling; undemanding and secure. She has a beautiful personality. She’s perfect.

She is a calico cat – tortoiseshell-and-white. I know this video has been around for a while and I think I have written about her before but it just occured to me that Millie has the known (recorded and on the iternet) best domestic cat character that I have seen in 13 years of writing about cats.


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1 thought on “Is Millie the perfect domestic cat?”

  1. That was a perfect story about a perfect cat with perfect humans who respect and commit to completely care for her and like they said, find the way to incorporate her into their lives and travels.

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