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  1. Yes he is a very special cat. There is a very good chance that Minou is Chantilly/Tiffany….a very rare breed of cat. If you look at the board called Chantilly Photo Album, you can see that Minou has the personality and appearance of a Chantilly…There is a high possibility the Chantilly naturally developed out of Canada. Cats in Canada do not look like any our cat or cat breed I have seen. Unfortunately this breed is facing near extinction. There is only one known breeding Female left in existence. This breed faced a similar fate in the 1980s when a female and her kittens from Canada saved the breed. Hopefully history will repeat itself…. Do you still have Minou? Minou does not need to be a breed able male to help the Chantilly. We need people to spread the word and educate the public about how unique and beautiful this breed is. Fellow Chantilly enthusiasts and I have started a Group on Facebook dedicated to conserving and rebuilding the Chantilly breed. I also have included the link to our Facebook page bellow.

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