Is My Cat a Dwarf Cat?

Is My Cat a Dwarf Cat?

by Abby

My mom was outside in her garden about a month ago and to her surprise this cute little calico cat popped out from under her garden shed and came right up to her. We decided to keep it since a week later it still hadn’t left and at first my mom thought that it was a six month old kitten, but it’s become apparent that the cat is an adult. Its legs are a little shorter that normal, but not munchkin size.

Her tail is shorter and overall she just looks like a pint size version of a normal size cat. So, do you think this is a breed or genetic problem? My mom thinks that since it was a stray it could be a side effect of malnutrition. Your opinion?

Is My Cat a Dwarf Cat? — My opinin!: For what it is worth, Abby, my opinion is the same as your Mum’s. Or, this is just a small cat. Obviously there is large range of sizes of normal sized cats. I feed a couple of stray cats and one (a female – Pippa) is considerably smaller than the male (Timmy) (see them here: Three Stray Cats).

You little calico cat is female too. Females are generally smaller that males. Add that to possible malnutrition or just plain size variations and you have a small cat.

Dwarf cats, as you can see, are noticeable “out of proportion” in regards to leg length. It stands out and in your case it doesn’t. Thanks a lot for sharing by the way. Nice story. If you can get a picture up of her, it would be nice but no probs if you can’t.

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