Is My Cat a Maine Coon?

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I was told that he might be a Maine coon and after looking up the info, decided that he was. The vet tells me she doesn't think so. How can I tell? I've attached his picture. Thanx.

Hi...I'll answer on your post and perhaps others may leave comments. We have some very wise regulars!

Don't be upset but your cat is almost certainly not a Maine Coon. This is because:

  • He doesn't quite look like a Maine Coon although he is similar, a kind of look-a-like. That said judging only by appearance is difficult because a Maine Coon cat might be a Maine Coon cat but not one that is breed very well so that it is not of the right "type"
  • Maine Coon cats are purebred cats and purebred cats need a pedigree to prove that they are purebred. Sometimes this might not be available but it usually is. It could be argued that if there is not documentary evidence that a cat is purebred then that cat is not purebred (unless DNA testing can be done).
  • Almost all people who don't know if their cat is a breed of domestic cat (a purebred cat) in fact live with a non purebred cat meaning a mixed breed cat or domestic shorthair cat or as the CFA call them "Household Pets"

We get quite a lot of people asking the same question - a good question.

And every time the answer is more or less the same. There are quite a lot of look-a-like cats and also cats that are one removed from purebred (
for example a Maine Coon "mix").

This might be the case with your cat. Now that I have said all that you will no doubt produce some documents!

One last point from me. He is very handsome indeed and as good as any Maine Coon cat or any other cat - purebred or not.

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Nov 15, 2011 Maine Coon Hybrid
by: Vern

I've been asking the same question about a kitten I recently got. He's 5 months old and is already larger than my last cat. I hadn't weighed her in years, but Sero is 8lbs. The link below is a page I found describing characteristics of the breed. Sero has most of the physical characteristics as well as all the personality characteristics listed in the article. I've also talked with someone who's vet told her that her cat had some Maine Coon in it that they keep growing until they're about 5. I guess that will be the thing that helps me determine whether or not he has Maine Coon in him is how large he gets.

Without a pedigree he's most likely not a full Maine Coon but his ancestors might be. The only other way I've heard to find out for sure is a DNA test.

Feb 05, 2011 Maine Coon 'M'
by: Anonymous

I don't know a ton about cats, but I can't help but notice the trademark "M" on its forehead That all Maine Coons have. That has to count for something. So if it's not full it has to be mixed with it somewhere.

Oct 05, 2009 Are all blue cats i Moscow Russian Blue?
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Since the Maine Coon breed originates from the state of Maine, no doubt you'll find many similarly looking cats in that area.

That however does not make them Maine Coon cats in the strict sense of the words, because Maine Coon refers to a specific breed and to be part of that breed the cat must have pedigree papers. Please read more in the article 'What Breed is My Cat'.

Missing those papers does not make any semi longhair cat from the state of Maine seem less.

After all one of the World's most prominent breeds stems from mixed domestic cats from that very area.

And to answer my initial question. No, not all blue cats in Moscow are Russian Blue. That's a breed too. ;.)

Oct 04, 2009 A "look alike!" LOL @ such nonsense...
by: maryiat

If it walks like a Maine Coon, and it acts like a Maine Coon, etc., then don't worry about cat "breeders" fancies.

Maine has many coon cats who really can't be but what they are. They are the real thing, still working for a living on farms and in small towns, loved and admired for their skill, beauty, affection, and fantastic nature.

Oct 02, 2009 Great looking cat
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

You have a great looking orange tabby semi-longhair cat. Most likely a mixed breed domestic - unless pedigree papers prove otherwise. Mixed breeds are usually healthy cats and generally live longer than pedigree breeds.

Love him and you'll have the best cat you can ever get. 🙂

Oct 02, 2009 Beautiful cat
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

I don't think he is a Maine Coon either but he is a beautiful cat and it doesn't really matter what breed a cat is, as each one is very special and unique.

That really is a lovely photo !

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        • The arrogance of humankind is something that really bugs the hell out of me and it causes untold damage to animals and nature. Humans are a long way from being truly enlightened and civilised.

          • True. People like to build their little club houses, and pretend that anything that doesn’t originate from there, is invalid. That in itself is okay, if they wish to shut themselves off from the world around them, but when they start to extend tentacles out into the world, in an effort to dictate their reality on the rest of the world, it becomes a problem which must be challenged. The world doesn’t dictate to their little club houses, and they need to realize, that there’s more people in the world they refuse to be a part of, than those in their club. We say truth based on reality. They speak truth based on their own made up fantasy.
            How is it that they can take a natural creature, breed it to an unrealistic degree, and then say that the natural one is the false one? It just boggles my mind.

    • Hi Dana. If you have a picture you can upload it in a comment. The instructions are below the comment box. Or just provide a bit of history and a description. Thanks for visiting and asking.


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