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Is My Cat a Maine Coon? — 11 Comments

  1. Lol… I don’t care if that stupid tree does produce apples… If Johnny Appleseed didn’t stamp his seal on it, it’s not an apple tree… It must be a pear lookalike. Bwahaha!!! Silly people… Don’t you realize that the Sun in the sky is still there, even when the blind man can’t see it?

      • Yeah… Lol… Mashed is an apt term. There is also, the fact that my Native ancestors were (and still are actually) listed in the American pantheon, as a wild animal, not to be confused with humans at all… I guess that makes me a lookalike human, not a real one… Bwahaha!!! The arrogance of people is astounding…

        • The arrogance of humankind is something that really bugs the hell out of me and it causes untold damage to animals and nature. Humans are a long way from being truly enlightened and civilised.

          • True. People like to build their little club houses, and pretend that anything that doesn’t originate from there, is invalid. That in itself is okay, if they wish to shut themselves off from the world around them, but when they start to extend tentacles out into the world, in an effort to dictate their reality on the rest of the world, it becomes a problem which must be challenged. The world doesn’t dictate to their little club houses, and they need to realize, that there’s more people in the world they refuse to be a part of, than those in their club. We say truth based on reality. They speak truth based on their own made up fantasy.
            How is it that they can take a natural creature, breed it to an unrealistic degree, and then say that the natural one is the false one? It just boggles my mind.

    • Hi Dana. If you have a picture you can upload it in a comment. The instructions are below the comment box. Or just provide a bit of history and a description. Thanks for visiting and asking.

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