Is my cat a Maine Coon?

by Erin
(Oakland, CA)

She turned up on my door step about a year ago, and after trying but failing to find her owners, i decided to keep her.

She was a little thin when she turned up, but weighed 9lbs at the vet. Now, after being well taken care of, she weighs a lot more!

She was fixed and cared for by someone, but who knows how or why she became homeless.

She has all the characteristics, tufts in ears and paws, a long water proofed coat with three layers of fur, the huge tail, she chirps at me all the time and follows me around like a dog.

I am very curious please take a look and let me know what you think 🙂


Hi Erin... thanks for visiting. You ask a question which is almost impossible to answer on the basis of appearance alone.

Even a first class Maine Coon show cat that is retired and become a bit overweight could be difficult to assess as a purebred Maine Coon. All you can say, on looking at appearance only, is that a cat looks like a Maine Coon or a Persian or whatever. I would think that you want something more certain and black and white than that.

Your cat has some Maine Coon characteristics but does not look like a purebred Maine Coon. I am comparing her appearance with the Maine Coons that I have seen at shows or that have been photographed by Helmi Flick (cats at cat shows in the USA).

That said, I have seen Maine Coons in other countries that looked like your cat. The breed standard is quite flexible so you will see a range of types of Maine Coon, which makes it more difficult to assess a cat on appearance alone.

My guess is that your cat is more likely to be a Maine Coon Mix, meaning one removed from purebred. But that is a pure guess! To me she looks a little bit too cobby (stocky) and round of face to be a purebred Maine Coon in the USA.

There are a lot of Maine Coon mix cats around. You only have to look on to see that.

Of course everything I have written could be wrong. Breeders breed Maine Coons and many of them will not meet the breed standard (the official guide provided by cat associations as to how the cat should look). They will be purebred but not show cat quality etc. Maybe the breeders don't bother to register them at cat associations. Once again these cats blur the boundaries in assessing a cat by appearance only.

This page may help a bit as well. Sorry I can't be more decisive or helpful.

She is a lovely looking cat by the way.

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Is my cat a Maine Coon?

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Mar 17, 2012 Love the coloration
by: Katie

I also think your beautiful girl appears to be a Maine Coon mix. And, she's more unusual and very beautiful because of that mix, I suspect. I'm certain you wouldn't trade her for a full bred MC anyway, especially since she chose you!

Mar 12, 2012 Is my cat a maine coon?
by: erin

thank you for your comments!
maybe she is a Norwegian forrest cat, I should check up on their personalities and see if she fits. I love her no matter what kind of cat she is, but because she had a whole life before she came to me, i am curious. she seems too beautiful and special a cat to just get abandoned. I tried really hard to find her previous owners before deciding to adopt her, and now I'm so glad that i did.

Mar 11, 2012 Maine Coon, maybe
by: Mary o

I think your beautiful kitty also looks somewhat like a Norwegian Forest cat, because of the shape of her face!

Mar 06, 2012 She so pretty!
by: Leah England


Thanks for sharing your beautiful Kitty she dropped lucky when she found you methinks!

I have a Maine Coon and the face tends to be wider across the nose and a little longer also little tufts grow off the tips of the ears as well.

My boy does chirrup a lots as well.

All I can say is Maine Coon or not she's beautiful; very very sweet.

Mar 05, 2012 Is my cat a Maine Coon?
by: erin

thank you Michael,
I didn't think it was totally possible for a purebred to show up on my doorstep 🙂 but she was the most beautiful cat I had ever seen! I was curious to post pics and see what a trained eye might think, as I have only seen main coon pictures online. thank you so much for responding. I couldn't love her more and she is a very special cat,


Is my cat a Maine Coon? — 3 Comments

  1. I’m very interested in a maine coon I have 2 hymalain cats that is very large I would love to have or adopt a large maine coon

    • John, I hope that you are successful in adopting a large Maine Coon cat. They are my favourite cat breed and they are the most popular domestic cat breed in the world, I would say. Although, the cat association registration details might not support that.

  2. I found your picture of your female “Maine Coon”. She was the 1st one that had the same markings as my male cat. He also ended up on our doorstep without a home, starving & needing some aide.

    I had him fixed at approx. his 7-8 month, where he weighted 11.4 lbs. The Vet tech said he probably wasn’t a Main Coon due to the coloring, but a big boy. He probably weighs 16 lbs now, after 2 additional months that have passed, & he acts like a dog. He has learned how to play “dead” when I point my fingers at him & say “Bang!” & a few additional tricks. Then there are the doors he opens; the trouble he starts & instantly turns his back on us when he knows he is in trouble. Besides being a good “Watchdog/cat; he is very funny!

    I believe we may have a mixture in our cats. I Know my cat has all the elements of feet, hair, tail, language, intelligence, ears, etc…, so I will claim that he is Main Coon.

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