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Is my cat a Maine Coon? — 5 Comments

  1. My first introduction to the Maine Coon breed was when visiting a bookstore over two decades ago in Kennebunkport, Maine. Sprawled on the floor of the bookstore was a gigantic and striking tabby cat with sizable paws and a distinctive muzzle. He was so large and serious-looking that I was afraid to touch him. According to the staff, he was a Maine Coon named Hunter (a fitting name, I felt) who was found wandering the streets of town before he was taken in as the bookstore cat. As far as I’m concerned, Hunter WAS the gold standard of all Maine Coons — especially considering his home state — even though he most certainly did not have papers to prove his breed.

    Before then, I never really even thought about cat breeds. At the time, I had a black juvenile cat at home named Buddy who had gigantic paws, lynx-like ear tufts, a more square-shaped muzzle, and an extremely long tail. Once I saw Hunter, it was clear that he and Buddy were VERY similar, especially as Buddy grew bigger and bigger. Back in the days when I adopted Buddy from a shelter, I don’t get the sense the Maine Coon breed had yet been “discovered”, so it was probably not unusual to find cats with Maine Coon characteristics at shelters. It’s not so true these days, unfortunately.

  2. I’m very interested in a maine coon I have 2 hymalain cats that is very large I would love to have or adopt a large maine coon

    • John, I hope that you are successful in adopting a large Maine Coon cat. They are my favourite cat breed and they are the most popular domestic cat breed in the world, I would say. Although, the cat association registration details might not support that.

  3. I found your picture of your female “Maine Coon”. She was the 1st one that had the same markings as my male cat. He also ended up on our doorstep without a home, starving & needing some aide.

    I had him fixed at approx. his 7-8 month, where he weighted 11.4 lbs. The Vet tech said he probably wasn’t a Main Coon due to the coloring, but a big boy. He probably weighs 16 lbs now, after 2 additional months that have passed, & he acts like a dog. He has learned how to play “dead” when I point my fingers at him & say “Bang!” & a few additional tricks. Then there are the doors he opens; the trouble he starts & instantly turns his back on us when he knows he is in trouble. Besides being a good “Watchdog/cat; he is very funny!

    I believe we may have a mixture in our cats. I Know my cat has all the elements of feet, hair, tail, language, intelligence, ears, etc…, so I will claim that he is Main Coon.

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