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Is my cat a Maine Coon? — 3 Comments

  1. I’m very interested in a maine coon I have 2 hymalain cats that is very large I would love to have or adopt a large maine coon

    • John, I hope that you are successful in adopting a large Maine Coon cat. They are my favourite cat breed and they are the most popular domestic cat breed in the world, I would say. Although, the cat association registration details might not support that.

  2. I found your picture of your female “Maine Coon”. She was the 1st one that had the same markings as my male cat. He also ended up on our doorstep without a home, starving & needing some aide.

    I had him fixed at approx. his 7-8 month, where he weighted 11.4 lbs. The Vet tech said he probably wasn’t a Main Coon due to the coloring, but a big boy. He probably weighs 16 lbs now, after 2 additional months that have passed, & he acts like a dog. He has learned how to play “dead” when I point my fingers at him & say “Bang!” & a few additional tricks. Then there are the doors he opens; the trouble he starts & instantly turns his back on us when he knows he is in trouble. Besides being a good “Watchdog/cat; he is very funny!

    I believe we may have a mixture in our cats. I Know my cat has all the elements of feet, hair, tail, language, intelligence, ears, etc…, so I will claim that he is Main Coon.

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