Is my cat a RagaMuffin?

I have to be quite blunt in answering this question. If you don’t know whether your cat is a RagaMuffin cat or not then it is almost certain that your cat is not a RagaMuffin. This is because they are quite rare and you won’t find one at a rescue center in America or the UK unless you are incredibly lucky. Secondly, if you acquired your cat through a breeder you will have documentation which sets out the cat’s pedigree which proves that your cat is a purebred Ragamuffin cat.

RagaMuffin Cats
RagaMuffin Cats. Photos copyright Helmi Flick.
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The point is this, sometimes people do acquire purebred cats at rescue centers by pure chance. This is because sometimes people do give up their purebred cats to rescue centres. However, these are normally quite common purebred cats such as Siamese cats and the occasional Maine Coon. But a RagaMuffin is just not going to be around at a rescue center.

You may have been given your cat by someone who tells you that he/she is a purebred RagaMuffin. That won’t be enough to prove it. Or a veterinarian might say that your cat is a RagaMuffin but that won’t prove it either. You need documentary evidence. And one problem is that the RagaMuffin comes in a wide range of coat types and can look pretty much like an attractive moggie if the cat is not bred ‘to type’ – i.e. rather poorly. That’s a possible confusion.

The RagaMuffin is a breakaway breed created by dissatisfied breeders who were at that time engaged in breeding Ragdoll Cats. This happened in the late 1980s. The original RagaMuffin cats were descended from the original Ragdolls. They were bred to Persians, Himalayans and domestic cats as well as traditional Ragdolls. They are similar to Ragdoll cats and very friendly and laid-back. You’ll find them in many colours and patterns.

I have to come to a firm conclusion in answering the question. The answer will be No, unless you have some really great evidence to the contrary and that evidence will normally be some documentation which proves pedigree and therefore that the cat is purebred and registered with an association.

You may be able to get some satisfaction if your cat looks exactly like a RagaMuffin. You can see the appearance of this cat by clicking on this link. This will indicate to you that your cat is indeed a purebred RagaMuffin but it won’t prove it unequivocally. You’ll still be asking the question, “is my cat a RagaMuffin”.

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