Is My Cat a RagaMuffin?

Is My Cat a RagaMuffin?

by Shafagh H
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

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Hello....I've had Gino for 2 years now but I still have no idea what breed he is. I'm sort of guessing that he's a ragamuffin possibly with a little bit of Maine Coon. And I say Maine coon because he has fur between his paws, sort of like a snowshoe I guess.

Gino talks a lot. He actually calls my family members by their names. I'm not kidding! He has such a unique way of talking. Also, he has a sort of like ruff around his neck. Oh and he has a little paddy, maybe like baggage skin under his belly as well. Anyways, if anyone here can tell me what breed he is I would totally appreciate it!


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Is My Cat a RagaMuffin?

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Jul 31, 2011
best of breed
by: Rebecca

Gino is a very handsome cat, and he talks with you, wonderful 🙂 I love talkative cats.

I've only once had a purebreed (still a rescue cat!) but though she was sweet I have to say I prefer my 'lucky dip' cats. One of the fun things about them is trying to figure out which bit is from which breed; you may never know for sure but it doesn't matter. Just like people, moggies are random mixes of their parentage so if Gino is a moggie then you know he's unique - he's the only Gino so he's Best In Breed...

And I would lay even money he thinks he's the same kind of 'people' you are.

Jul 31, 2011
by: Diane

He looks alot like our own Domestic Long Hair moggie Mia - she's very vocal too, & has fur between her paws. He's gorgeous, I bet you're proud of him.

Jul 31, 2011
by: Michael

Your question is both easy and difficult. But thanks for asking it!

It is easy because you have almost answered your own question.

You say he just might be a RagaMuffin/Maine Coon mix. That alone says that Gino is not a purebred cat. For Gino to be a RagaMuffin he would have to be purebred. Over and out.

Also the fact that you are asking tells us that you don't have any certificates or other documents that confirm that Gino is a purebred RagaMuffin.

So I conclude that he is not a RagaMuffin. On that basis he is probably what cat fancy people call a DLH - domestic long hair - a random bred cat.

All that said there is an argument that says you don't really need papers and registration with associations to say your cat is a purebred cat of a certain cat breed.

The Bahraini Dilmun is not a recognised cat breed but is a cat breed nonetheless. It is a moggie, feral or semi-feral cat in fact!

Anyway putting aside the philosophical stuff, I have to say that Gino has some characteristics of a RagaMuffin but is not.

This page might help: What Breed is My Cat?

Gino is a very handsome cat and random bred cats are better in many ways that purebred cats.

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