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Is my cat an Egyptian Mao? Genetic Testing? — 2 Comments

  1. I have gotten two kittens that the people who own the mother were just trying to get rid of and could not even give me a date of birth for them, as the mother brought them to the doorstep two days before I got them, they were by all appearances feral as they would hiss whenever someone tried to touch them,the female alaya has marbling on her side and one spot looks like Jaguar pattern, Loki the male has striped legs and less marbling then his sister.i am putting up pictures BC now I can’t tell if thier tabbies, Bengals or Egyptian mau’s, they are very wild cat rooted and when I first got them I was actually worried that they might be actual bobcats or lynx as I live in Arizona and it could happen. After reading about the breeds and seeing pictures I think they may be Egyptian mau’s I ruled out Bengals because I think thier ears are too pointy, I always thought they had an Egyptian look to them even before I found out what an Egyptian Mau was, which was this morning,i even had told my wife BC I learned that all cats had roots in Egypt. lemme know what u think they are greyish but now as thier getting older some brown is coming out very similar to what I saw in Bengal pictures but they all look so similar it’s hard to tell, I think the tabbies look furrier as kittens but the mau’s and Bengals have very long Feminine type appearance.

    • Hi George, thank you for commenting. I don’t think these are purebred cats. I don’t think that they are pedigree cats. I think that you are describing random bred, feral cats with tabby patterns. And you are right. The Egyptian Mau in Egypt has the same ancestors as the tabby cats in America. The point I’m trying to make is that there may well be some Egyptian Mau in these cats but they will be described as random bred tabby cats in my opinion. Egyptian Mau and Bengal cat are selectively bred by breeders. They have a pedigree which means that their parents, grandparents and great grandparents are all of the same breed. The cats you describe, we don’t know who their parents are and they are likely to be random bred cats. Thanks once again the commenting George.

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