Is My Cat an Ojos Azules Breed of Cat?

Is My Cat an Ojos Azules Breed of Cat?

by Firdausz

When 3 years old

When 3 years old

When 3 years old 3 weeks old

Here is the photo 3 weeks old and 3 years old of the same cat.

Hi...Firdausz.. thanks for visiting and asking. The whole Ojos Azules cat breed is a bit of a mystery to many including me. I struggle with it.

There are virtually no photographs, for example.

The best known photo is of an orange and white cat photographed by Channon, a well know cat photographer.

But how do we know that the piebald gene that causes the white fur in a bicolor cat has not also altered the eye colour? The piebald gene does turn eyes blue. And the gene that creates the Ojos Azules is not the piebald gene but a new mutation.

A solid dark coated cat with dark blue eyes would, it appears, be a certainty to be an Ojos Azules cat but your cat is a bicolour tabby and white cat and he or she almost looks like a lynx pointed cat of some sort. See for example lynx pointed Siamese cat. If your cat is a pointed cat then blue eyes would be normal and she or he would not be an Ojos Azules.

Also please remember that a cat has to be registered with a cat association (purebred) before it can be called part of a cat breed.

On that basis I can't say for sure that you cat is an Ojos Azules - sorry.

A person might leave a comment to help. I hope so.

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