Is my cat Oprah a Maine Coon?

by Amanda C.
(Milwaukee, WI)

I adopted Oprah when she was 3 months old and the lady at the shelter told me they had some “maine coon kittens in” but on her vet sheets it says “domestic MH tabby”.

I am curious if she is a Maine Coon or a mix….she has dog like qualities and follows me from room to room. She is larger than most female cats and has a large fluffy tail.

She also has the “M” between her eyes but one thing I notice she does not have are the tuffs of fur coming from the ears like a lynx. She does have tuffs coming from her paws though and her whiskers are the longest I have ever seen. What do you think?


Hi Amanda…. Purebred Maine Coons are quite unusual at shelters. There are some though. Tootsie is an example.

“Domestic MH tabby” must mean a domestic cat that has medium length hair and which is a tabby cat.

Tabby cats are cats with a certain type of hair and pattern. Maine Coons are often tabby cats. Brown tabby and white looks great on a tabby cat.

Maine Coons have medium long hair.

Without papers that provide evidence that she is Maine Coon (pedigree and registration at a cat association) you won’t know if she is a purebred Maine Coon or a Maine Coon mix (one removed from a purebred cat).

The odds are that she is not purebred but there is a chance. You can usually get a feel for it by appearance.

A well bred purebred cat looks purebred (refined appearance and definite appearance).

And Maine Coons do have a distinctive appearance – large and long with a particular facial appearance and those tufts at the top of the ears.

Many people ask a similar question and the only strictly true answer is that she is not a Maine Coon unless you have documentary evidence.

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Is my cat Oprah a Maine Coon?

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