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Is My Cat Part Egyptian Mau? — 11 Comments

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  3. My Sugrrr has that look with a heathy size primordial pouch, her mother was a manx, she has a small tail and tiny feet..maybe a throwback to her wilder ancestors?

  4. This is Sullivan Chase. He is a sweet boy, very loving and friendly and full of mischief! We were wondering if he might be an Egyptian Mau mix? Here he is admiring some doughnuts!

    • Hi Shannon. Sullivan Chase may be an Egyptian Mau mix. His features are similar. Although he has a mackerel tabby coat which is a striped coat and as you probably know, the Egyptian Mau is a spotted tabby cat.

      However, there is quite a similarity between mackerel and spotted because often a mackerel tabby coat breaks up to form spots.

      Your cat in any case is a very, very nice mackerel tabby cat. We need to remind ourselves that the Egyptian Mau is also a tabby cat.

      The ancestor of all domestic cats is the near Eastern wildcats and that too is a tabby cat. So you can see that the big overlap between non-pedigree tabby cats and Egyptian Mau. in fact the genuine, original Egyptian Maus in Egypt look pretty much like regular tabby cats.

      You can see that it can get quite complicated. I’ll get back to my original answer which is that there maybe some Egyptian Mau in your beautiful cat.

      Thanks for visiting and showing us your cat.

  5. I have always wondered what type of breed my Galileo is, when I head the description of the Egyptian Mau I think my baby is at least part Egyptian Mau. What is ya’lls opinion as to what he is?

    He has the the gooseberry green eyes, is extremely loyal(following me around everywhere), can jump well over 5 ft in the air, has visible spots on his hind quarters, has extremely long hind legs (longer than his front), and many of the other traits of the Egyptian Mau.

    Here are a couple pictures of Galileo. He is my baby I have had him since he was just 6 weeks old. I am a self proclaimed “crazy cat lady” so I have millions of pictures of him. I just have always wondered what breed he is. Any ideas?

    • Hi Samantha, thanks for sharing pictures of Galileo. Sweet looking cat.

      He is a classy looking mackerel (striped) tabby cat. The Egyptian Mau is a spotted tabby. They are both tabby coats but a different type.

      The original Egyptian Mau (in Egypt right now) is like your cat. The Egyptian Mau that is created through breeding is not a pure cat genetically in that it differs from the original in Egypt.

      So my answer is – yes, your cat has some Egyptian Mau on the basis that they are both tabby cats and both derived from the African wildcat.

      I love the appearance of Galileo.

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