Is My Cat Part Egyptian Mau?

by Mindy

We just picked up this cat at a local shelter and she has calico markings but the shape of her head and body looks like a Egyptian Mau. What do you think.

Thanks Mindy

Hi Mindy.. I would actually like a breeder of Egyptian Maus to answer this one. If he or she did they would probably say that there is no Egyptian Mau in your cat. Or at least that it was unlikely. This though in no way lessens the status of your cat. Purebred cats are only that because their parents and grandparents were also purebred. Purebred is no better than random breed.

What they might say is that your cat is a DSH - domestic shorthair of foreign type. This means a body conformation that is slender or slenderish.

This type of cat body is generally applies to cats from warmer climates as it is hotter. The cats from the colder northern European countries are cobby or stocky (e.g. Norwegian Forest Cat).

But the slender shape is ubiquitous across the southern continents and it includes the wild cats. The African wildcat is slender while the Scottish wildcat is stocky.

Yes, the Egyptian Mau does have s slender lithe appearance with a longish as opposed to square or rounded face and head. But that on its own is not enough to speculate that your fine looking cat is part Egyptian Mau. Not in the view of a breeder anyway.

But the truth is there may be some Egyptian Mau genes in your cat.

The Egyptian Mau is the refined version of the domesticated African wildcat; tamed by the ancient Egyptians. Although please note that the purebred Egyptian Mau bred in America is not connected to the Egyptian Mau street cats found in Egypt today.

There would be a good bit of movement (dispersal) of these cats over the centuries and although there are general trends in the movement of the spread of the domestic cat from the area where first domesticated (the fertile crescent east of the Mediterranean) there is no reason to suppose that some Egyptian Mau genes have not found their way to America and into your cat.

One day we might have full genetic profiling of the breeds so we can do a DNA test and compare. At the moment that is not possible and appearance alone is not a good test in my opinion.

A pedigree or at least evidence of some sort as to how your cat was bred would obviously answer the question. If your cat was close to Egyptian Mau I think the appearance would be closer - meaning that there would be tabby cat spots not a dilute calico coat. The Mau is the only cat with naturally occurring spots and spots are a basic necessity as I understand the breed.


Is My Cat Part Egyptian Mau? to Egyptian Mau

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Is My Cat Part Egyptian Mau?

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Apr 15, 2012 Me too! NEW
by: Anonymous

We've got a cat just like yours. Couldn't believe how long the body and tail is. She was wild born in some stables, and taken in by the vets as a kitten. Calico markings. Just happened to see a picture of an Egyptian Mau and she has the same body. Perhaps a genetic throwback that occurs sometimes?

May 06, 2010 Bob
by: Anonymous

Hi Bob. I would love to see a picture of your cat. Do you have a picture of it on this site?

May 06, 2010
I have one!!!
by: BOB

I have one of hese cats and i LOVE Them Her name is Karama and OMG I nver thought that cat could be sooooo awesome and majestic. She has her own personality!! I LOVE Egyption Mau.!! I Love there ears too!!!!!!!!!!! I got one from a humane society!! I cant believe it!

Apr 28, 2010
A beautiful shelter gem
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Mindy. No wonder you fell for this girl - she has a very special look about her with the slender body and clear calico markings.
There are some great cats to be found at the shelters, but usually they don't carry any papers with them. I think it's very human when we try to find out more about the background of our new adoptees, but usually we have to settle for the mixed breed label. Also see my page titled 'My Snow White is Not a British Shorthair' in the moggie section.
Like Michael I see your cat as leaning more towards the Mediterranean than the Northern European type, but that's probably as close as we'll ever get. She is a beautiful gem all the same. 🙂

Finn Frode avatar

Apr 21, 2010 To Mindy
by: Ruth

I don't know much about the various breeds of cats but I just want to say what a beautiful cat you have !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Apr 21, 2010
Thanks Micheal
by: Mindy

Hi Micheal, thanks for your comments. Its very helpful and interesting. We where just curious if she had Egyptian Mau in her because of her head and body shape. THanks again, Mindy


Is My Cat Part Egyptian Mau? — 11 Comments

  1. We rescued a cat that came from Egypt. Here is a picture of her. Her fur is very different then any other cat have had. The only way I could discribe it would be that it is like bunny fur. She also has a belly flap, and can jump from the floor to above our kitchen cabinets.


  2. Hi Justine. Beautiful cat. She has a face which does bring to mind the face of the Egyptian Mau – slender and elegant. She looks as if she comes from Ancient Egypt 🙂 as she is statuesque.

    But she’ll be a random bred cat almost certainly. She may have some Egyptian Mau genes but I have to be honest and say that this is unlikely too. Non-purebred cats do vary quite a lot in their appearance and your sweet female has an elegant appearance but this does not mean that she is purebred.

    P.S. Today, in Egypt you’ll see random bred Egyptian Mau street cats. They are slender tabby cats. The Egyptian Mau that we see on the internet are American purebred show cats. There is no real connection between the two.

    Thanks for uploading the photo and commenting and sorry if my comment sounds harsh. It is not meant to be.


  3. This is my kitten!! She’s about 7 months old and such a big girl!! She’s obviously a dilute calico, but my boyfriend and I feel like she has some egyptian mau in her. We were wondering if anyone knew what breed she might be! She’s such a cute and sweet girl with a very bold personality.


  4. We rescued this little kitten from a shelter and we’re trying to figure out what breed she is. Can you help please??


    • Hello Elizabeth, your beautiful rescue cat is a slightly diluted (in terms of colour density) macerel/spotted tabby cat. She is a random bred or mixed-breed cat.

      She not a member of a breed of cat as recognised by the cat associations. That does not mean that she is any less of a cat, obviously. She is beautiful. What a beautiful coat! Thanks for sharing.


    • Your cat looks a like my sisters newly adopted kitten. Does he/she tweedle? And does he/she have any buttons on their tummy? If your cat does that then they are possibly part Egyptian Mau. What other breed do you think your cat is?


  5. I recently read up on a few breeds of cats trying to figure out if my cat is part Egyptian Mau. After reading a lot, I’m pretty sure she is, it actually explained quite a bit about her behavior. I suggest doing research on breed types. …I’m now fairly sure my Kitty is Egyptian Mau and Siamese/calico mix



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