Is my Digit a Maine Coon?

Is my Digit a Maine Coon?

by Vanessa
(Farnborough, Hampshire, UK)



Digit is polydactyl (hence his name as he has extra digits) and is now 10 months old. We bought him when we lost our beloved cat Tibbles aged 10 July last year. We had not planned on getting another cat but had looked on a web site by chance and came across him and just had to buy him there and then. He really has made himself at home with us and i think it was meant to be that way , he is so laid back its unreal he has to sit on me as soon as i sit down , he loves to play with water which i find strange for a cat ,here's a picture of him ,he is 8 months old in it ,and he is on top of a 2 and a half foot wide cage can anyone tell if he is at least part maine coon ? i will try to add other pictures !

Hi, if he was purebred Maine Coon the person who sold Digit to you would normally have had pedigree papers to prove it. He would have been registered probably with a cat association. However, there will be Maine Coon cats and purebred cats that are unregistered and in fact unrecognised as purebred except for appearance and Digit does look a bit like a Maine Coon. And as you know Polydactyl Maine Coons are quite common. The key to the answer is really some sort of certification because to decide by appearance alone can be misleading. Other cats that are similar are the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Siberian cat for instance. Thanks for asking by the way.

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