Is My Kitty Gonna be Alright

by Sarah
(Phoenix, USA)

hi i have a year and a half old baby kitten and she is the best cat ever but i think she is a dwarf or something but her legs aren’t small like these cats. i also have 2 kittens who are 4 months old and they are her size but i am afraid she is pregnant. we didn’t get her fixed in time is she going to be all right i don’t know if dwarf kitties can have babies and live

she was ( 1 y o ) in a stuffed christmas stocking and she was still too small. her brother is 3 times her size they were in the same litter please some one tell me she is going to be alright. Is my kitty gonna be alright?

Is My Kitty Gonna be Alright 2

by Sarah

hi i have a year and a half old kitty she thinks she is a human ever since she was a kitten we gave her milk just to give her a treat so now you cant even go to the fridge without having a little kitty have a temper tantrum and cry her head off i love her very much but i am concerned. i think she is a dwarf she grew normal as a kitten but at the age of 4 months its like she stopped growing. i think she is pregnant please she means everything to me. i don’t think she is a munchkin because her legs are normal but its like she is still a kitten i need to know if she is going to live through it.

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