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Is Oregon State University research study accurate in stating cats prefer human companionship over food? — 4 Comments

  1. Sometimes our cats would prefer attention over and above anything else.Cats who know they are loved want to return the favor and depend on us to socialize and interact with them. My husband and I make a point to pet, comb, talk to and acknowledge them as important members of our family -EVERYDAY-

    Eva say’s-My older MaMa-Theo pouts & stomps out of the room if she feels that she is being ignored !! Theo is 12-years old. In fact she pulled this tactic just a few minutes ago, because she needs [not wants] a bath.

  2. Because my cats are well-fed they never have to wonder where food is coming from. So when fresh food is set down, they often want a fuss more than they want food. Sometimes they ignore the food entirely and follow me into another room to sit on my lap for about 10 minutes before returning to the kitchen. Cats that aren’t so sure of a regular food supply will prioritise the food.

  3. I have more evidence to support socialization, anecdotal as it may be. I have suffered from illness that kept me down and inactive for long periods of time. To begin with, I’ve always had a loving relationship with my cats. During my inactive, anti-social times my care for myself and them faltered and was sporadic. We know cats are strongly wired to survive and are excellent problem solvers. One would assume they would problem solve their way out of my influence to seek a more reliable or predictable feeding schedule. To the contrary, my cats always chose to be loyal to me, staying not only by my side, but on my side (literally they’d lay on me as if they though it would somehow help heal me). Well over a dozen cats over a period of years. The only surprise to me was that it flew in the face of conventional wisdom, or lack thereof, I’d always been told about cats. I’d always heard that dogs were man’s best friend and that cats just the opposite. Most of what I’d been told about cats all my life I’ve found this instead is the truth.

    • My beloved Kitten taught me the wonders of cats. Their affection and ability to bond is amazing. While my cats may read a riot act if feeding is late or a bowl empty they all seek out my companionship multiple times per day.

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