Is Royal Canin Cat Food in India of Poorer Quality?

By Ayesha Husna (in India)

Recently, there was an article that Royal Canin had changed hands with ownership and that they have changed formulations of their products too. And this comes as a horrid surprise, and true to that. There have been many reports and complaints (you can check the RC Complaint Board for proof of this) that Dogs and Cats have had convulsions, seizures, renal infections recently after purchasing the new stocks of RC. RC agrees that they have changed formulations, and included Chicken By Product meals instead of Chicken meals and it is all ‘the same’. But, in reality, this means ‘beaks’, ‘tails’, and even chicken feces may be added to the food. Would you feed your cat this?

The only reason, I followed my gut to do a thorough research on this is because my cat has stopped eating well and is getting thin by the day and he loved RC so dearly and suddenly is showing an odd repulsion. It is true, that cats sense the difference before anyone does. My mother also suspected an odd smell that was never there in stocks purchased of RC since the past two years. I am in vain as my cat turns his head away from Whiskas, IAMS, and other cat food brands.

Although, my cat is in good health. You might know that cats are incredibly resilient animals and can hide their pain or changing bodies very well, so it is hard for us pet parents to know if something is in fact wrong.

It’s easy for us to lay back and just say that ‘we’ll make do with what’s there/best in India’ or ‘my cat seems to be doing fine’. But, long term health is key.

I wrote a request to Wellness Core (the best and the most appreciated cat food brand in the world) to introduce their brand in India. But, you know these things don’t happen without persistence and reasoning.

Urge you to create more awareness on changing scenarios with what cat food brands today are stuffing our cats to reduce their costs.

Urge you to start a movement where the Best makes it’s way to India. We Indians Love Cats as much as Dogs too. If there is ample choice for Dogs, why not for Cats?

Ayesha Husna

Note from Michael (Admin). As I understand it the following cat foods are available in India:

  • Royal Canin (dry and wet)
  • Whiskas (wet and dry)
  • Iams (dry)
  • Top Cat (dry)
  • Bellotta (wet)
  • Me-O (dry and wet)
  • Drools (no good)

Thanks, Ayesha, for this post. The language used to describe pet food ingredients is vague and it hard to understand what it means unless you look it up.

Royal Canin have changed ingredients from “chicken meal” to “chicken by-product meal” and I believe this applies across all countries. But does it? Can someone help? Is India getting the thin end of the wedge, the rubbish that is unacceptable in the West?

Chicken by-product meal can contain intestines and/or chicken feces while chicken meal does not include chicken intestines and/or chicken feces.

Is it possible that RC dry is being supplied in India which contains processed feces that makes it potentially a health problem as described by Ayesha Husna? I don’t know.

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9 thoughts on “Is Royal Canin Cat Food in India of Poorer Quality?”

  1. What a shock, this is horrible why should cat owners in India have to buy such rubbish for their pets. I wonder if there is any petition or protest group we can help.

  2. I feed my two traditional Persian cats only “Home Food” and they are the picture of robust health.I personally feel that a little home prepared cat food is essential to maintain the health of a cat.Most cat owners don’t have the time to prepare “Cat Food” at home and hence the over-use of branded cat food products.Nice to read this article written by Ayesha.Husna , a Indian cat owner akin to myself.The Pet Industry is booming in India but sadly cats are “2nd Class Pets” in India and the fact that there is a total lack of awareness of forming “Cat Clubs” and “Cat shows” indicates the same.Hope Ayesha.Husna is successful in raising the topic of “CAT SHOWS” in Indian city’s akin to dog shows.
    Below is a photo of my 5 year old tomcat “Matata” bred in Mumbai and raised on “Home-Made Cat Food”. He is awaiting his turn to be displayed in a “Cat Show”.

    1. He or she is Beautiful Was horriflied to read what they put in those products. I guess it puts awareness out there. Only cat food my felines will eat is Chef, Whiskas they detest cheap cat bistuits or jellymeat for that matter. So i always try as much as possible to buy premeium within money reason. They r worth the money can buy.

  3. Is there a protest link? I’ll sign.
    Completely unacceptable to feed byproducts (especially feces) to a cat or dog.
    I assume that Purina products aren’t available in India.

  4. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    This is shocking! The cats in India deserve food equally as good as anywhere else in the world.
    Yes we should all raise awareness of this going on and complain to Royal Canin.
    Cat lovers unite!

    1. Yes, India is a nation that is getting involved in domestic cat care. These days many Indians are very similar to Europeans and Americans in respect of cat care. They deserve the best although as stated I am not sure what has happened.

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