Is she a Norwegian Forest Cat or have some in her?

by Lori


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Know it may be difficult to tell from the photos, but is she a Norwegian Forest Cat or have some in her?

Her name is Cherub, she was found as a stray. She likes to sleep a lot in the sun, doesn't play much except for a lazer pen, is affectionate, likes her belly rubbed, and when she meows at me she usually just opens her mouth but no sound comes out!

If she does make a sound, it sounds like "ow". Could someone possibly get back to me and let me know?

This is my e-mail: Thanks!


Hi Lori.. Thanks for visiting and asking. As you probably know I get quite a few questions like yours about cats that look like different cat breeds.

And I can never give a answer that satisfies the person who asks! That is because it is not possible to give a good answer.

Appearance alone will never be good enough to decide. Although sometimes a cat has purebred written all over him or her. One example that comes to mind is a RagaMuffin rescue cat: The RagaMuffin Cat and the Princess.

As yet there are no DNA tests to assess if a cat is a purebred breed or not.

The only way is through documented pedigree. See also What breed is my cat?.

Cherub is an absolutely gorgeous looking cat and she does look like a Norwegian Forest Cat. There are many purebred mix cats about (one removed from purebred). You only have to go to Petfinder to see lots of them.

So there could be some NFC in Cherub but we will never know unless the former "owner" knocks on your door and tells you!

Sorry to be so vague. All cats are equal from the most glamorous and prized champion cat to the ugliest moggie. All are as important as each other. And Cherub is a special looking cat.

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Is she a Norwegian Forest Cat or have some in her? to Norwegian Forest Cat

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Is she a Norwegian Forest Cat or have some in her?

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Jun 30, 2010
Almond shaped eyes
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi again Lori. I forgot praising her almond shaped eyes that look perfectly Norwegian.
I think Merrily gets as close to an endorsement as we can possibly get here, and I'll stand by my words - Cherub is stunningly beautiful! 😉

Jun 29, 2010
Forest cat???
by: Merrily

well, I have to agree that without papers you will never know if your cat is indeed a Norwegian.
I will say this though...... I have a Wegie who is a Double Grand Champion, any your photo looks like a photo of my cat.

So if she is not a Wegie, you surely have a lovely cat, enjoy!

Jun 23, 2010
Some NFC characteristics
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Lori. First of all I have to say your Cherub is a stunningly beautiful cat. What luck for you both she was saved.
Michael and Joyce have already talked about the difficulties of determining her roots, but lets for a moment just look at some of the important characteristics of Norwegian Forest cats.
First of all the face must be triangular - very different to the square muzzle of Maine Coons. That looks OK to me. Also the profile should be straight from the forehead down to the tip of the nose. I can't see her profile from the picture, so I'll leave that one open. The ears should be set wide appart, which they clearly are. She has fine snowshoes and lots of ear hair, which is OK too. She seems to be missing the eartuffs, but not all NFC's have those. If she has “britches” on her hind legs that would also be a plus.
All in all - from what I see there could very well be Norwegian in her, but whether it's a spoonful or the whole bucket, no one can tell without papers. And as already has been said, there could be a number of other explanations to her special looks.
Meowing without sound is a funny trait that some cats have. My moggie Snow White also does that sometimes - I don't know why. 🙂

Jun 23, 2010
She's beautiful
by: Joyce Sammons

She looks like a Forest cat. But she could be part Turkish Angora, Maine Coon or Nebulong. When I found Furby he looked like a Turkish Angora. Now he looks like a Maine Coon. Michael is right in that your baby could be anything. The most important thing is you have a healthy, beautiful, spoiled baby who should be with you 20+ years.

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