Is She A Norwegian Forest Cat?

by Rachel

Saffy when we first got her

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Saffy when we first got her

Saffy when we first got her Sat watching the world go by Helping with the ironing Saffy one cold frosty morning

Hi, I took in a kitten in 2009 that was going to be dumped and she is now about 20 months old. The reason I am posting here is because I have been told that she looks like an Norwegian Forest Cat and I would really like to know if she is.

Saffy (that's her name) has many of the characteristics of her ancestors...She doesn't seem to mind the snow when we get it and isn't averse to a little pond dipping.. she is very curious and into everything, has the extra furry tail and ruff round her neck, also the furry feet.. is a very good climber and huntress... and loves helping, well her way of helping 😉

She is absolutely unique and is totally different in her ways compared to our other 4 non-breed cats, whom she gets on well with if a little goading into play when they don't want to counts. She is also very regal in her stance be it sleep sitting or feeding. She eats at (on) the table or freezer or chair, or wherever she decides she wants her food to be honest.

I will add the best photos that show her in all her furrinery 😉

thanks in advance for any feedback.. I can also be contacted via email at


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Is She A Norwegian Forest Cat?

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Jan 02, 2011
Thanks for your reply
by: Rachel

Thanks Michael,

I was at my mums and 2 kids came knocking at the door with 2 kittens saying that their mum had told them to find the kittens homes if they didn't then the kitts would be dumped (thrown out onto the streets). Me being the big softy took Saffy off them and brought her home.

I know about documentation but with the circumstances of me taking her in I don't have anything. I just posted my question out of curiosity as I had posted a pic of her on another forum and a vet PM'ed me asking if she was an NFC.. since then I have been trying to find out if she could be 🙂 Rachel

Dec 29, 2010
Looks like one
by: Michael

Well, I agree that she looks like a Norwegian Forest Cat. Very definitely so.

You don't say under what circumstances she was going to be dumped.

The thing is that although she looks like a purebred NFC as you imply, you need more that appearance to confirm that she is a purebred cat.

And I am sure you know that that means documentary evidence as to pedigree that satisfies the cat associations.

She is a gorgeous looking cat in all her furrinery, though.

Thanks for showing us Saffy.

Michael Avatar

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