Is someone pretending to do female cat spaying under a fake TNR program?

Walter Mitty character pretending to do cat spaying under fake TNR program?

Signs of a spayed feral cat
Signs of a spayed feral cat. These images are for illustrative purposes only. These are not feral cats.
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This is the rather peculiar case. When I first read the headline it looked like something was wrong. The article on the website of the Cheshire Standard starts off with these words:

“Cheshire police are appealing for information after two cats returned to their home with shaved fur and damage to an ear.”

We are told that patches of fur had been shaved from parts of their bodies and one of the cats had the top of her right ear cut off. Now, I don’t know what is going on but the description indicates that somebody has been reading about TNR programs and the spaying of female cats within those programs and taking it upon himself to try it out without actually doing the spaying operation. Although, he or she did cut the top of one of the cat’s ears. This is the indicator that a cat had been spayed or neutered in a TNR program.

The reason why I believe that the cats were not actually operated on is because nobody has reported upon it. It would have been quite clear if they had undergone the operation because they would have been a big scar. Therefore this looks like a simple case of fur being shaved off and we don’t know exactly where but if it’s the belly then that would indicate that the person is pretending to do a spaying operation. It took place on 3rd Nov near Knutsford.

I know my suggestion is far fetched but some people – quite a lot actually – do live Walter Mitty lives. They are not quite on the planet. The description of the ‘injuries’ are unerringly like those of spayed feral cats under a TNR program. Of course I could be miles off track. However, the ‘injuries’ are mild. This is not the deranged cat abuse of the usual culprit. It is these factors which lead me to believe in my suggestion.

Source: Cheshire Standard. Please read their article and see what you think.

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2 thoughts on “Is someone pretending to do female cat spaying under a fake TNR program?”

  1. By the way, according to my browser’s bookmarks, I’ve known about this practice since 2012 when it was publicly posted on one of the main TNR-promotion websites in the USA. And this is the first time you’ve heard of it? Astounding. Granted, they don’t speak of this common practice too openly anymore, now that everyone knows about it. I, being on many TNR mailing lists, often see mention of it. For everyone to talk about this openly and publicly today would mean that they couldn’t get TNR approved anywhere if officials knew just what everyone in TNR communities was really up to.

  2. This is far more common than you would ever believe. People who want to save their outdoor cats they’ve been feeding, when faced with criminal prosecution and having all their outdoor cats euthanized by authorities, will just trap the cats and take a pair of scissors to each cat’s left ear and snip it. They see this as no different than a cat losing an ear-tip to frostbite or a cat-fight. By doing so they have shown officials that all their cats are sterilized and vaccinated without having to pay up to $100 per cat. A quick, inexpensive, and easy way to save all their cats’ lives and make sure that they have a lifetime supply of breeding cats to care for. I’m surprised you didn’t know of this and wouldn’t approve of this. Everyone in all TNR communities know of this inexpensive life-saving trick for outdoor cats. Why do you think they can’t find any proof of TNR working to reduce cat populations anywhere in the world? It’s all a money-making scam just to save the lives of cats, no matter how they have to do this.


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