Is such hunting sport?

Is such hunting sport?

by Grahame

I am very dismayed. I read today in a newspaper of a so-called ‘sportsman’ who patiently laid out bait for a magnificent 800+ lb black bear who came to his rural land holding sometimes. When he had earned the trust of the bear by these unsportsman-like nefarious deeds, he shot it dead. Like spearing fish in a barrel. He had himself photographed with the now-dead animal. Even in death, the bear is magnificent. The hunter, on the contrary, looks ridiculous to me.

He does not allege that the bear posed any threat. No, he just wanted the thrill of killing it. The bear had lots of roaming space. Before he baited it, the bear was shy, not often to be seen, and unthreatening. He does say, as if this is any mitigation at all, that he will eat bear meat for a while. This man can eat well from his food market; he does not have to senselessly kill, and especially murder in cold blood, such a magnificent animal. And there is no skill involved in such killing, either.

‘Was it for this the flesh grew tall?’ Wilfred Owen

I am left with nausea and an overwhelming contempt for this self-described ‘sportsman’. I think him very unsporting.

I receive catalogues from a firm which caters to hunters, and also to ski-ers and other sportspeople. The fall catalogues nauseate me, literally: full of grinning sub-human morons holding up the heads of gorgeous animals they have killed, at distance, with their guns. Most of these animals were lured to their deaths.

There used to be a very macho firm called ‘Herters’ who filled their catalogue with killed animals with wild and woolly claims such as ‘Here is Jacques Herter on safari with a prize insert type of huge game he has killed at some huge distance with a single insert model Herter’s bullet. Notice the jealous African native admiring the kill.’

*’And after the kill, be sure to try some Herter’s after-shave lotion. Nothing but gun cotton in alcohol. Doesn’t make you smell like a ginger-hearted fairy!’*


‘Man, proud Man,
Dressed in a little brief authority;
Most ignorant of which he’s most asssur’d;
His glassy essence, like an angry ape,
Plays such fantastic tricks before
high heaven
As makes the angels weep.
-Alexander Pope, ‘An Essay On Man’

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Is such hunting sport?

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Oct 20, 2011
I agree
by: Kathy W

I have always been against hunting for any reason. Like I said before, we need to share the planet. These poor animals are no threat to mankind at all. We are the ones moving into their territories. I dont see how there is any room on the planet for them as it is.. Im glad others share my feelings towards this very debatable subject. The USA has a food stamp program so theres really no reason for any one in America to be starving.

Oct 19, 2011
baiting an animal should be illegal
by: Ruth (Monty’s Mom)

I don’t like bear baiting. I don’t like baiting any animal to hunt it, especially if the purpose of the hunt is sport and not survival. To hunt for a trophy this way really sucks. If the man shot the bear to protect himself or his family I would be saddened but I would understand.

I did go hunting with my dad when I was a kid. I was too young to actually shoot anything, but he took me along. So sad he didn’t have a son, I think, poor man. But I learned something that day. After Dad shot this squirrel and was skinning it I was disgusted. Dad asked, “Where do you think meat comes from?” “The grocery store?” I replied, unsure. He explained then that chicken you eat is really the same as the chickens I’d get in trouble for chasing on Grandma’s farm. The cows on the farm became food for our table, that’s why Grandma had them on the farm. Ooohhh. I had no idea. I really had never connected it. I always thought it weird that there were two words that sounded the same and meant different things: chicken for a chicken running around, and the fried chicken I would order when we went out to eat. I did not take that information and decide to stop eating meat. I realized, in the straightforward reasoning of someone barely seven years old, that life is not perfect, sometimes it’s really sad, but it is the way of the world, and neither Dad nor I nor anyone else could change it. I grew up quite a bit that day. When later I got into nettles crawling under a barbed wire fence following Dad back to the car I didn’t even say anything to Dad about it, even though my wrist burned so bad and itched like crazy. I felt that since he trusted me to come along with him I needed to be a little more grown up than to whine about every little thing. (My husband could have a field day with that one!)

So though I still eat meat, I try to keep it as a small part of my diet, but not the main part. Also, I try to avoid wasting any meat, because an animal gave its life for that. It shouldn’t end up in the garbage because we heated up more than we could eat. That’s shameful. But not as shameful as baiting an animal and shooting it for the fun of it.

So how should I feel about my little cat hunting for sport? He’s been getting birds. I caught him with one two days ago, and I know he killed it because its little body was still warm. It was so beautiful and I held it in my hand, stroked it’s pretty brown feathers and just felt sad. I tried to give it back to Monty, but by then he was bored with it. I threw it in the trash. I told it I was so sorry, it deserved better, beautiful little thing. I didn’t quite know what to do with it and I had a lot of work to do. I looked at Monty and saw him differently. “Bird murderer,” I said to him. He was unconcerned.

Time to grow up a little more. This is the way of the world, for humans and for animals. It’s a sad, sad, sad place.

Oct 19, 2011
by: Michael

As you say Grahame, all hunters who do this sort of thing are moronic. I positively detest them and they make me depressed and make me give up all hope for humankind because there are a lot of them around and their like. I detest all hunting and all hunters. For me they are all horrible people full stop. And I don’t care if I lose friends and make enemies by saying that.

It is no wonder humankind is abusing the planet and using the planet in an unsustainable way when the world is managed by people like this.

We still have a long way to go before we get our heads around the idea of living with nature rather than using and abusing it.

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