Is the Ashera cat real?

Yes, the Ashera cat was real. There are possibly some Ashera cats still in existence. The Ashera GD was the top of the range cat of Lystyle Pets formerly known as Allerca Cats, a controversial business selling claimed hypoallergenic cats. I say “was” because it appears that they are no longer in business. The company said that they were closed as at January 1st 2010. The Ashera is a snippet of cat history in 2020.

Ashera GD
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Ashera GD. An F1 Savannah probably. Photo: Lifestyle Pets (believed).

Also the Ashera was actually an f2 or f1 Savannah cat or the appearance was very similar. At the time it was claimed that Savannah cats were somewhat hypoallergenic hence their use as a Lifestyle Pets cat. “Hypoallergenic” means a limited propensity to cause an allergic reaction in people or “relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction”.

Ashera GD Lifestyle Pets

Ashera GD Lifestyle Pets

The claim that the Ashera GD was hypoallergenic has been debunked however by ABC News’s report in 2013. In fact, the claims that the range of cats at Lifestyle Pets were hypoallergenic was always in doubt and it lacked credibility. The profitability of the business was based entirely on the premise that their cats would not cause an allergic reaction in people. It was and is the Holy Grail in terms of making money of the pet product marketplace. There is pots of money in it if it works. There are a couple modern concepts to create hypoallergenic cats one of which is a single injection.

Ashera GD

Ashera GD looking very much like an F1 Savannah cat.

To recap: the Ashera was a real cat. It was very expensive as high filial Savannah cats are at around $20,000. People would pay that for a glamorous status symbol cat who was also hypoallergenic.

I think I’ll leave it there as I have a very full page on Allerca cats in which I cover all the points that need to be made about this rare cat. I discuss the Lifestyle Pets stable of cats of which there are essentially three “breeds”, the Allerca GD (domestic shorthair), the Chakan GD (Siamese type) and the Ashera GD (exotic/wild/domestic type). The Ashera comes in non GD (Genetic Divergences) as well. “GD” signifies that the cat is hypoallergenic.

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