Is the Bobcat a Lynx?

Yes, the Bobcat is a Lynx. People ask this question on the internet. The Bobcat is within a group of four cats which are all under the heading of “Lynx”. In taxonomy terminology this group is called a “Genus”. The picture below shows you the four medium-sized wildcats within this Genus.

The bobcat is a lynx
The bobcat is a lynx
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When scientists classified all the animals they created the various categories that you see in the picture above. “Genus” is in between “Family” (in this instance the cat family “Felidae”) and “Species”. Each one of the four different lynx cats in this group is a different species. The bobcat is the only one which does not have the word “lynx” in its name.

The classification of the species is called taxonomy. It is a somewhat flexible science and the classifications have been changing for over a hundred years. This is because scientists alter their opinions as to how to classify the animals and indeed ourselves. This is because through improved science and a better knowledge of genetics and DNA scientists are able to reclassify the species.

See a page on the wild cats written in simplified English.

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3 thoughts on “Is the Bobcat a Lynx?”

  1. Thank you, Michael. I found this clarification very interesting. Zoology was always one of the areas of study I like best. The lynx family is my favorite wildcat genus. 🙂

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