Is the Bombay Cat hypoallergenic?

No, the Bombay Cat is not hypoallergenic because no cat breed is despite what you might read on the Internet. There is nothing to suggest that the Bombay Cat is hypoallergenic. If it were it would mean that breeders had successfully eliminated or reduced the presence of the allergen in the Bombay cat’s saliva which causes an allergic reaction in people. This is the Fel d1 allergen. Breeders do not deal with this sort of issue. They do not have the ability to deal with it.

Is the Bombay Cat hypoallergenic?
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I hate to be a spoiler but some Siberian Cat breeders claim that their cat breed is hypoallergenic but there is no hard science to support the claim. If you disagree please comment and I’ll check it out. The Savannah cat is claimed to be partly hypoallergenic but sciencific support is also lacking.

That said, it is a massive and important challenge for many people involved in the domestic cat world to try and make domestic cats hypoallergenic. FYI “hypoallergenic” does not mean a complete absence of the allergen which causes an allergic reaction in people. It means a reduction in the problem.

You may have read that Purina, a cat food manufacturer, has invented a cat food which is claimed to substantially reduce the possibility of a cat causing allergic reaction because the food contains an egg product which effectively partially neutralises the protein allergen, Fel d1.

If you’re looking to find a cat which does not cause an allergic reaction then it might be wiser to ditch that idea and focus on Purina’s new cat food which I believe is available very shortly. I’d go online and search for it and read up about it. There’s no guarantee, however, that it will work as claimed.

Below, there are some pages about the current Holy Grail of the cat world, making cats hypoallergenic. If you’d like to read about the Bombay cat please click on this link.

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