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Is The Internet Good or Bad for the Domestic Cat? — 6 Comments

  1. There is good and bad content on the Internet, it all depends on how you use it and what your intentions are in the first place, which depends on what type of person you are and whether you use your sense and realise that all that you read is not gospel but mostly other people’s opinions. If your intention is to do evil then there’s bags of potential, same goes if you’re trying to do something good. As the person above pointed out the Internet is just a tool, it’s the whims of the operators that cause the trouble.

  2. I would say the internet is just a tool. I personally love it because it facilitates so many things. For example, I belong to a non-profit, pro-pet organization that has an online presence, and we can reach more people like that. However, I know that on the other end of the spectrum, there are those who use the internet to exploit pets.

    This is why I say it is just a tool, and it is up to us how we use it. I would ask if I may appeal to you all, please don’t write the internet off completely.

    • Well said. It is a tool and it is up to people as you say to use it wisely. Nice point. As usual is down to people and their attitudes. It’s a bit like the gun. The gun on his own is nothing but in the hands of the wrong person it can be lethal.

  3. Well i think its bad & Good. As without Internet, Us as Pet Carers wouldn’t be able to find out things to help our Cats or Dogs. We would, have to go the Old fashion way. I know it’s alot worse for people who do harm & Cruelty, & see that alot these days. I am finding though; i think i prefer Google to facebook. I find Facebook incredibly slow these days with way too many advertisements. Just what i think anyway.

  4. It may be impossible for someone with an entrenched distaste for the Internet to offer an objective comment. Never having asked anyone, I do not know if, to plug into Facebook, you have to provide an ‘All Comers Welcome’ e-mail address. But if it is true, it’s impossible not to envision a public swimming pool crammed with – yes, some decent sorts – but also more loose-sphinctered kids of all ages than heaven has stars.

    The upside to transmogrifying your e-mail site into a cosmic get-together is that animal rights/welfare groups can reach a tremendous readership.

    Do petitions have an impact? ‘Fatti maschii, parole femine.’

    Yet it’s equally true that new ways of thinking, when first introduced, slowly seep into the public Mass Mind and become the habitual ‘way of seeing things.’ Bad concepts and acts? In the blink of an eye. Good ones? Slowly. But raindrops crack granite.

  5. I agree Michael, on the whole I think the internet is quite bad for cats, especially YouTube where people seem to try to outdo each other with ‘funny’ cat videos, some obviously set up to make the cat look stupid and some even cruel. Facebook for ‘celebrity’ cats can be good if the cat isn’t exploited in real life too and it is nice to share and see other cat lovers photos and it’s good for anti declaw publicity and other cat causes.
    But it seems people either love or hate cats and the haters take every opportunity to try to convince everyone how ‘bad’ cats are and the ‘experts’ who spout statistics and know it all and give bad advice can be very dangerous.
    Thank goodness for PoC where the truth is always told and if someone comes along who is biased against cats or giving bad advice, they can be educated by your own well researched articles and by the articles and comments of your real cat loving visitors who have taken the time to learn as much as they can to help all cats.

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