Is the Kitten Healthy?

A straightforward infographic which may assist some visitors when adopting a kitten and a breeder checklist below.

Is the kitten healthy?
Is the kitten healthy? Checklist infographic.

Is the breeder reputable? Checklist when visiting breeder (recommended): No strong smell of urine and/or feces. No dirty litter trays and/or food bowls. Fresh water visible. Not too many kittens. Single breeder has 2 litters of 4-6 kittens. Breeder knows breed well. Breeder knows about possible genetic diseases of the breed. Breeder should insist on not releasing kitten until at least 8 weeks-of-age. Kittens should be in the house being socialised (raised under foot). Mother and kittens shouldn’t look weak or dull. You are allowed to see the kitten’s mother. The breeder must have proper cat association registration papers. Breeder should vaccinate the kitten before releasing or it should be in the contract. Must be a contract. Avoid being pressured into buying. See also signs of a healthy cat.

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