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Is the Serval Nocturnal? — 4 Comments

    • Yes and no, Ed. Cats tend to hunt and therefore be active at night and dawn and dusk but…this is not strict behavior. Sometimes they hunt during the day. It depends on circumstance and the cat species. We always see lions hunting together in the day but the sand cat spends all night travelling miles hunting in the desert.

      Some species in certain areas have learnt to hunt at night always to avoid human. Gotta avoid those nasty humans…

  1. To me, servals are wild cats no matter how anyone may try to domesticate them.
    Like most wild cats, they have to be nocturnal, because those are the hours that food sources are most available. In my climate (today’s heat index is 106 degrees), there would be nothing to eat until late night when temps drop into the high 70’s, low 80’s.
    How lovely would it be to be trying to sleep with a servel in your room screeching to go out to hunt all night?

    • Absolutely agree Dee. People who have tried living with “domesticated” servals have often if not always realised that it is not a good idea. In fact it is a bloody horrible idea for both cat and human.

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