Is the typical North American animal rescue in hock to their vets for thousands of dollars?

A sadly typical case of unwanted domestic cat abandonment shines a light on the debt that some animal rescues owe to the veterinary clinic which provides a service to them. It triggered a question in my mind. Are many animal rescue centres in debt to their vets in quite large sums of money?

It would not surprise me because in difficult times veterinarians need the business and animal rescues need their vets. The relationship might stagger along a little bit for a time with the rescue organisation unable to pay bills while the veterinary clinic wants to sustain the relationship and gives them credit until the bill can be paid. If this happens does it stress the relationship?

Sibling sisters abandoned outside a rescue center
Sibling sisters, Cloud and Sky, abandoned outside a rescue center. Photo: Heavenly Creatures, NL, Canada.
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Heavenly Creatures

The story that got me thinking comes from a Canadian animal rescue in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador called Heavenly Creatures. An anonymous person dumped unspayed sibling sisters outside their facility with a note “2 2 yr old unswayed sister cats”. There were in a sealed cardboard box. They were frightened and couldn’t eat. It is going to cost about a $1,000 to take care of them, we are told. They’ve been named Cloud and Sky and have been placed in a nice foster home. Excellent work as usual. But why do people still abandon cats like this? It is so wrong and I hate to say but also cowardly.

The community responded handsomely to the plea for donations from Heavenly Creatures. The vet’s bill for the sisters has been covered. However they mention that their large $23,000 debt owed to their vets and are seeking more funds. They say that the debt accrued over recent times because of an influx of sick and injured cats needing urgent treatment.

They are very happy with the community support. There was a rapid response. Facebook in excellent in getting the message out.

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