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Is there a cat expert who can explain what’s this? — 22 Comments

  1. I second the mating theory. The black cat may also have some siamese in him as they are very vocal. Also…when threatened, a cat will move away slowly to avoid a fight or chase.

  2. Yeah!
    Yes, I believe that it was a potential fight and a very good standoff.
    Foolish little blackie could have gotten his -ss torn up by being so aggressive. The older (I believe) orange cat retreated under a vehicle to avoid it. Age brings wisdom.
    The black one just sauntered off. Good for him.

  3. My first thought after watching the video and before reading any comments, was that the ginger tabby is a queen in heat and the black tom wanting to mate with her. So I agree with Eva.
    We saw this same behaviour here in our street a few months ago! The young cat had been mated already twice and another tom came along, a black one, he was courting her with his head and words of passion but she must have had enough as she ran under a car to escape him.
    He might have caught her eventually though as one of her kittens was black!
    It’s a real problem that although the houseful of cats they have could all be neutered free via Cats Protection, the people they belong to are letting them keep on breeding 🙁

    • Agree with you Dee that both cats are male. Especially when you consider that the majority of red cats are.

      Nor does it resemble any feline mating ritual I’ve seen.

  4. -Simple-He is a wild street cat and wants to mate because she is in heat. Wild male cats behave this way and will aggressively intimidate her into submission. He will try to use fear tactics to move her in a hidden place, away from people or other animals. They will mate off and on. Once he has her under his control-it will be difficult to retrieve her or separate them.If anyone wants to rescue her they will have to divert his attentions. Water or sand would work-grabbing her will cause him to attack her and you The intruder . Good Luck-[She seems rather young and afraid]

  5. It happens this way without fighting when they figure out that the king of the castle is still strong enough to keep his title, but when the newcomer feels some weakness or aging in the king, he will have a go. This ensures the harem always has the strongest male to ensure genetic health but also to be tough enough chase off intruding males who may harm the kittens. Having said that There is another way to look at it. I have several outside toms which are entire. They get up these pranks too, but they seem more like harmless test runs. The loser of the staring match just goes a little bit away and lies down or helps himself to the food and all is forgotten. In the case of a colony with females and kittens I am sure the situation would be quite different and only one tom would remain on the battlefield. The reason why the loser of the staring match creeps slowly away is so as not to prompt the pursuit after prey instinct in the winner which would result in an unnecessary fight..

      • I like that too I’ve seen this behaviour but never before realised what it was. The only thing I can add is that its clearly a prelude to a potential fight however I’ve never heard anything like that extent of ghostly wailing before and I’ve never seen a cat butt right up to another cat like that before! I’m going to send this to my cousin now who doesn’t like cats because only a few minutes before we were talking on the phone and I heard the most awful cat fight which I had to go and check out as didn’t want my cat to be in the middle of it. I’m sending it to her because she says theres a cat round her way that screams at other cats like nobody’s business and it scares her at times so I thought she might like to see this then she’ll know what real cat screeching sounds like!! Ni evil intentions meant of course! 🙂

    • Harvey – you have nailed the scenario perfectly.

      I notice the red cat is avoiding eye contact with the black one wherever possible so as not to antagonise them.

  6. Very surprising that the black cat won dominance.
    Or, did he really?
    In my colonies, big orange male cats rule. Any one of them would have been rolling on the ground with this black cat.

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