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Is there a new cat breed coming out next year? — 4 Comments

  1. yea i agree theres too many pedigree cats and so many domestic animals in shelters i just can’t understand why so many animals have to be put down. id love to have a main coon cat but its just too expensive. i would much love a domestic cat who has seen no love

  2. This is just crazy. There are two basic ways of thinking in our world. There are the realistic people and people who base their whole worlds on appearance. These are the type that need to carry the latest purse and wear the latest style. These are the people that used to tell me “I didn’t belong” in their neighborhood (I was working). They base things on image and looks. Not substance. There may be a new breed or maybe not… but there will be new kitties to adopts and boy will they be fashionable.

  3. I can’t get my head around the cat fancy and their ‘freakshow’ – that’s a good word for it. I agree with Michael that we don’t own cats and it should have been worded differently long ago.

  4. Thanks Sarah for letting me convert one of your comments to an article. I really liked it.

    As promised I have made a donation to Cats Protection Chelmsford:

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    17.01.2014 12:51:00 Michael Broad 30.00 GBP Sale Okay

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    Telephone : 02085468126 02085468126
    Email : mjbmeister@gmail.com

    Cat breeding needs to change. Not everything is bad about it but as long as there are unwanted cats being euthanised it cannot be justified.

    Also people need to come around to the idea that cat ownership is guardianship and caretaking and not owning or possessing.

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