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Is this $1,500 San Jose apartment for 2 cats really a good idea? — 4 Comments

  1. Excellent point, Michael. I do not think leaving any animal in this situation is healthy physically, psychologically or emotionally. I bet this decision was not well thought out from these angles. ☹️

  2. I would think that there are many cat lovers who could use housing, and would be happy to care for the cats, and the apt. And still have the owners come when they could.

    As a businessman, I can’t imagine that he would be doing the necessary things that are needed, such as feeding, scooping the litter box, playing and petting the cats.

    Much more could be done to enhance the lives of these cats, such as toys, climbing structures, music, cat videos, and paying someone to spend more time with them. Is there an outside view?

    I’m curious how this all came about, and what their vet thinks.

  3. I agree that the cats need someone around; someone with them who they can make personal connections to, to cuddle to and follow around. They like knowing a human lives in the same abode with them, which these cats don’t have. They aren’t fancy living toys you can keep in a box to visit just when you feel like it. It’s better than some other fates but It’s not enough, oddly enough. Yeah, it’s just a weird story and I bet it’s getting much the same feedback.

    • Thanks for you thoughts on this Albert. It’s hard to be critical of the owner because she’s trying to do the right and she loves her cats but I don’t see it being enough. It looks wrong to me. I don’t believe a person can park their cats in a small flat for months and rely on others to feed them and play occasionally.

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